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Interaction between Jira and Confluence: 3 Examples of Effective Integration

Interaction between Jira and Confluence - 3 Examples of Effective Integration - thumbnail

When teams use both Jira and Confluence, there are additional options that are suitable for boosting productivity, improving the visibility of information and reducing unpopular manual tasks. In this article, we show three examples of how Jira and Confluence can be used together to great effect.

8 Advantages of Modern Cloud Software – Results of An Atlassian Survey

8 Advantages of Modern Cloud Software - Results of An Atlassian Survey - thumbnail

As the infrastructural basis for modern enterprise software, the Cloud platform has what it takes to transform working life for the better and help companies achieve greater flexibility, productivity and efficiency in an increasingly complex competitive landscape. And the results of a recent survey among Atlassian customers who have completed the migration from on-premise to the Cloud show that these are not just marketing slogans and sales promises.

Documentation from Jira to Confluence – How It Works with Autopage!

Documentation from Jira to Confluence - how it works with AutoPage! - thumbnail

Documentation in software development is not exactly the greatest of joys for many teams. Nevertheless, the documentation of a software product must of course be as complete and comprehensive as possible. The app AutoPage has set out to take much of the pain out of manual documentation work for teams. It makes it possible to automatically create Confluence pages directly from Jira on which the current contents of the processes are documented. In this post, we’ll go through the initial setup of AutoPage step by step. Once you have done these things, your team can use Jira as usual – with the difference that the further development is now automatically mapped in Confluence.

Security Features in Jira: Security Throughout the Development Lifecycle

Security Features in Jira: Security Throughout the Development Lifecycle - thumbnail

In the modern software world, it is absolutely impossible for development teams to always consider every single security angle. And therefore they have to face the inescapable reality that their code is vulnerable. The question is how the team deals with identified vulnerabilities. A new feature set in Jira helps them document, manage, prioritize and efficiently handle security issues in a centralized way.

Say Hello To FlowDingo – The Workflow App for Jira

Say Hello To FlowDingo - The Workflow App for Jira - thumbnail

FlowDingo is not just any task management app. The result of a collaborative development effort between Seibert Media and Kantega SSO, the core of FlowDingo’s design is enabling teams to order tasks in a workflow, and then provide a visual overview of that flow within a ticket. It helps Jira users track the myriad of dependencies between an issue’s tasks. Now available for download in the Atlassian Marketplace, we think you’ll enjoy the functionality of an app that integrates many of the features of a full project management tool, without all the fuss. And it’s right within your Jira!

How to Service Management (Part 3) – How a Service Desk for HR Creates a Win-win Situation for Everyone

How to service management (part 3) - How a service desk for Human Resources (HR) creates a classic win-win situation for everyone involved - thumbnail

Requesting things from your HR department can be quite time-consuming and annoying. Who do you need to contact if you want to go on a workation? Or how do you book the pool car that your company provides for its employees? We’ll show you how we Seibert Media do this through our Service Desk in Jira Service Management.

What is Service Request Management? – 8 Best Practices to Handle Service Requests Efficiently

What is Service Request Management? - 8 best practices to handle service requests efficiently - thumbnail

No matter whether you need access to the new software, want to request a well-deserved holiday or would like to reset your password – all of these service requests will need to be handled by your IT team. To fulfil your request as quickly and efficiently as possible, good Service Request Management is needed. In this blog article, you will find out what exactly this is and which best practices have emerged.

Jira Product Discovery: Casting Ideas into a Structure

Jira Product Discovery: Casting Ideas into a Structure - thumbnail

From ideation in Jira Product Discovery (Beta) to delivery with Jira Software and support via Jira Service Management, Atlassian’s Jira suite offers a powerful collection of interconnected tools to help teams do their best work. Now Atlassian has released a tool that helps with all of this: Jira Product Discovery. This new tool is designed to help product managers and their teams prioritise and collaborate on product ideas in a structured way.

Atlassian Analytics: A New Foundation for Data-driven Decisions

Atlassian Analytics: A new foundation for data-driven decisions - thumbnail

For countless software, IT and business teams in tens of thousands of companies, Atlassian products are virtually essential for survival. But they’re not the only tools these teams use, of course. All of these systems produce vast amounts of data – and organisations need ways to turn that data into the right insights to drive good decisions. To support data-driven decision-making, Atlassian last year introduced a feature set called Atlassian Analytics, which has now outgrown the beta stage and is available in the cloud enterprise plans for Jira Software, Jira Service Management and Confluence.