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Templating.App – Data Residency Support for Jira Now Supports Local Data Storage

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For some time now, Atlassian has offered the “Data Residency” feature for its cloud solutions: This option gives your organization control over where exactly your data is stored and processed. But what about the marketplace apps that extend Jira, Confluence & Co. beyond the standard and open up a wide range of additional use cases? If the main product, such as Jira, supports local data residency, but your apps transfer the data to locations all over the world, key compliance challenges remain. The good news for all Jira admins: Templating.app for Jira now supports local data residency, which means it is now possible to set the preferred hosting location for your data (such as the USA) for the app too!

Project Templates in Jira with Templating app


“Start from scratch”, is a phrase we both love and hate. Those “hate” moments tend to rear their heads when you work as part of a team where consistency and repeatability are paramount. Enjoy some love in a team environment with Templating.app’s new Project Templates where users are empowered to streamline their project initiation process, saving time and ensuring consistency across all endeavors.

Make Dependencies and Cross-connections Visible in Jira Templates


Project administration and product management are complex, and the management of dependencies is an essential prerequisite for smooth processes and projects. They need to be identified and made visible. The Templating.app for Jira helps your team with this, because it now makes it possible to link the processes of a template with each other and with existing issues!

Templates for Your Templates: Save Time, save Money and Reduce Stress, Issue Templates in Jira Made Easy

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Having to repeat creating the same Jira issues over and over again is a huge time waster. But even creating that first template of issues and subtasks can be quite a chore. Templating.app has therefore created some default templates that you can use for various use cases.

Organizing Your Consulting Delivery Projects in Jira

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A very popular industry that is involved in nearly all sectors of business, is consulting. No matter what niche a consulting company operates in, the team still has value that needs delivering. They also need to track that value to ensure that the team delivers it in a timely and cost effective manner. The best way to make sure the service provided to the clients is consistent is to create templates in Jira.

Templating.App – Standard Approach to Creating (Social) Media with Templates in Jira

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If you promote your products through social media, it pays to make sure it looks professional every time and you don’t forget anything. Well, if you use Jira for your issue tracking, there’s an easy way to make you never forget any steps: templates. With templating.app, you can create one template to rule them all, where you just have to enter some variables for every new campaign instead. Read on to find out how.