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Easily Analyze and Export Data from Jira Apps

There’s a lot of data floating around in Jira, and many companies don’t even see the tip of the data iceberg. To make sure you get the best out of your Jira instance, there are numerous third-party BI tools that can help with analyzing and exporting data from Jira apps to enhance your project management.

Project Templates in Jira with Templating app


“Start from scratch”, is a phrase we both love and hate. Those “hate” moments tend to rear their heads when you work as part of a team where consistency and repeatability are paramount. Enjoy some love in a team environment with’s new Project Templates where users are empowered to streamline their project initiation process, saving time and ensuring consistency across all endeavors.

Make Dependencies and Cross-connections Visible in Jira Templates


Project administration and product management are complex, and the management of dependencies is an essential prerequisite for smooth processes and projects. They need to be identified and made visible. The for Jira helps your team with this, because it now makes it possible to link the processes of a template with each other and with existing issues!

Join Us For The European SAFe® Summit 2024

Agile Hive at European SAFe Summit 2024 - thumbnail

Join the Agile Hive team at the European SAFe® Summit 2024 in Berlin, Germany, from April 8-11. You will find a transformative experience filled with region-specific keynotes, in-depth discussions, inspiring customer stories, interactive exhibits, and endless networking opportunities. Find out more in this article or just visit us at our booth! We’re looking forward to seeing you in Berlin!

Interaction between Jira and Confluence: 3 Examples of Effective Integration

Interaction between Jira and Confluence - 3 Examples of Effective Integration - thumbnail

When teams use both Jira and Confluence, there are additional options that are suitable for boosting productivity, improving the visibility of information and reducing unpopular manual tasks. In this article, we show three examples of how Jira and Confluence can be used together to great effect.

New in Jira, Confluence and Co.: A Team Member Named ‘Atlassian Intelligence’

New in Jira, Confluence and Co - A Team Member Named Atlassian Intelligence - thumbnail

The first wave of Atlassian Intelligence features has now been delivered and is generally available for the cloud platform. They are designed to help teams work together more productively, get things done faster and utilise company data more effectively to make better decisions. Let’s take a look at which features Atlassian has recently released and which will follow soon.

The Virtual Agent in Jira Service Management and Other AI-Supported Features for ITSM Teams

The Virtual Agent in Jira Service Management and Other AI-Supported Features for ITSM Teams - thumbnail

The most extensive possible automation of service provision – and thus the streamlining of processes and faster processing of customer enquiries – is one of the central goals of modern IT Service Management. Atlassian’s ITSM software Jira Service Management supports this endeavour with a function that has now been rolled out on a large scale. The virtual agent is here! This tool is designed to help companies modernise internal and external customer support and make it more efficient with the help of AI technology.

Jira Work Management – Bridging the Gap between Technical and Business Teams

Jira Work Management - Bridging the Gap between Technical and Business Team - thumbnail

When non-technical teams jump on board the Jira solution for technical teams, they are confronted with features and terms that are aimed at technical requirements and only reflect the needs of business teams to a limited extent. But Jira Cloud is now also helping these teams: with Jira Work Management, all business teams can work on products in the Jira environment, turn ideas into projects and play their part in creating customer value. In this blog post, we would like to present the latest functions that Atlassian has recently delivered for Jira Work Management.