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Join Us For The European SAFe® Summit 2024

Agile Hive at European SAFe Summit 2024 - thumbnail

Join the Agile Hive team at the European SAFe® Summit 2024 in Berlin, Germany, from April 8-11. You will find a transformative experience filled with region-specific keynotes, in-depth discussions, inspiring customer stories, interactive exhibits, and endless networking opportunities. Find out more in this article or just visit us at our booth! We’re looking forward to seeing you in Berlin!

Google Cloud and Google Workspace: Review of 2023

Google Cloud and Google Workspace: 2023 review - thumbnail

For us – and our Google team in particular – 2023 was all about successful events and customer projects. We’re taking this as an opportunity to look back at all the milestones we’ve achieved. With Google Cloud and Google Workspace, we’ve experienced a lot of great, exciting and unique things this year – we’d like to share them with you in this article!

Women in Tech Night 2023 – Samia Rabah – My Transition from Software Developer to Cloud Engineer

Women in Tech Night 2023 – Samia Rabah - My Transition from Software Developer to Cloud Engineer - thumbnail

Samiah Rabah has had an interesting journey in the tech field, and transitioned from Software Developer to Cloud Engineer. Before that, she was a Data Science intern, Backend Software and Full Stack Developer. During our Women in Tech Night in March of 2023, she described her experience transitioning from developer to DevOps while consistently wondering “there has to be a better way to do this!”.

Women in Tech Night 2023 – Boehringer Ingelheim – Tips & Tricks

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At Boehringer Ingelheim, a cutting-edge research-based pharmaceutical company who are “in the business of saving human and animal lives”, recruit based on their 3G (Geography, Gender, Generation) policy. This means they recruit some top female talent. During our Women in Tech Night (2023), some of these talents gave some great tips for women in the tech field.

Soon In Your Linchpin Intranet: Timeslots for Events

A dark greyish picture featuring the text "Event Time Slots - Coming Soon To Your Linchpin Intranet Suite" and a screenshot showing an event card and the option to book individual 15-minutes long slots.

An intranet without event management? Unthinkable. Especially in a Confluence-based intranet. To help you organize (and participate in) events in your Linchpin intranet even better, we’re introducing a new feature in October: Timeslots for events! By the way, this feature was requested by some Linchpin users via Canny. This leads us to the question: Canny build it?! Yes, yes we can.

How to Better Plan Events with Jira Cloud and Easy Issue Templates

How to better plan events with Jira Cloud and Easy Issue Templates - thumbnail

If you’ve ever been involved in planning an event, you’ll know that there are dozens, sometimes hundreds of things you need to organize. And if you need to organize the same kind of events again and again, creating the same structure of issues in Jira can be very time-consuming, and prone to human error. With Easy Issues and Subtask Templates, that’s a thing of the past!