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Linchpin Intranet Suite 5.8: Your Intranet just got better!

Linchpin Intranet Suite 5.8: Your Intranet just got better! - thumbnail

Winter is already knocking on the door, but before that, autumn is saying goodbye with the major update of the Linchpin Intranet Suite (now available in the Atlassian Marketplace)! We have once again equipped our social intranet with a whole range of new, in some cases eagerly awaited features, including the ability to automatically create recurring events. Here you can find out what other features Linchpin Intranet Suite 5.8 and Linchpin Essentials 2.8 have to offer.

8 Advantages of Modern Cloud Software – Results of An Atlassian Survey

8 Advantages of Modern Cloud Software - Results of An Atlassian Survey - thumbnail

As the infrastructural basis for modern enterprise software, the Cloud platform has what it takes to transform working life for the better and help companies achieve greater flexibility, productivity and efficiency in an increasingly complex competitive landscape. And the results of a recent survey among Atlassian customers who have completed the migration from on-premise to the Cloud show that these are not just marketing slogans and sales promises.

A Development Platform That Brings Teams and Technologies Together: Atlassian Compass Is Now Available!

A development platform that brings teams and technologies together: Atlassian Compass is now available! - thumbnail

The world of software development is more complex than ever before and the expectations and demands on technical teams have increased dramatically: not only do they have to write high-quality code and deliver valuable products, but they also have to deal with constantly evolving security risks, configure cloud services, automate testing and implement monitoring tools. In addition, microservices, APIs and frameworks are becoming more and more common, and modern development teams are highly distributed. Given the technical complexity, building world-class development teams is not only a technology problem, but also a collaboration challenge. A new Atlassian product is stepping up to solve both aspects: Atlassian Compass is now available!

Security Features in Jira: Security Throughout the Development Lifecycle

Security Features in Jira: Security Throughout the Development Lifecycle - thumbnail

In the modern software world, it is absolutely impossible for development teams to always consider every single security angle. And therefore they have to face the inescapable reality that their code is vulnerable. The question is how the team deals with identified vulnerabilities. A new feature set in Jira helps them document, manage, prioritize and efficiently handle security issues in a centralized way.

Automate Content Management Tasks with Automation for Confluence

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Imagine if humans had to consciously initiate and coordinate every breath. Oxygenation is vital, but fortunately our bodies have automated this process. We breathe reflexively and without our active intervention, and therefore we can fortunately invest our time and energy in other things. In the working world, there are similarly important functions that help keep things going, but no one likes to spend time thinking about them. It would be nice to build your own automated system that manages these important (and boring) processes largely on its own, wouldn’t it? That’s exactly what the new automation features for Confluence do.

New Features for Linchpin Intranet Suite and Essentials: A Look into the Future

New features for Linchpin Intranet Suite and Essentials: A look into the future - thumbnail

Today, we’re looking into the Linchpin crystal ball to see which new features will be added in a few weeks, when Linchpin Intranet Suite 5.7 and Essentials 2.7 are released.

Atlassian Analytics: A New Foundation for Data-driven Decisions

Atlassian Analytics: A new foundation for data-driven decisions - thumbnail

For countless software, IT and business teams in tens of thousands of companies, Atlassian products are virtually essential for survival. But they’re not the only tools these teams use, of course. All of these systems produce vast amounts of data – and organisations need ways to turn that data into the right insights to drive good decisions. To support data-driven decision-making, Atlassian last year introduced a feature set called Atlassian Analytics, which has now outgrown the beta stage and is available in the cloud enterprise plans for Jira Software, Jira Service Management and Confluence.

Bye-bye, Wait Times: 6 Reasons Why You Should Use Timeslots for Events in Linchpin Intranet Suite

Bye-bye, Wait Times: 6 Reasons Why You Should Use Event Timeslots in Linchpin - thumbnail

Do you like standing in queues? No? Neither do we. For some types of corporate events – e.g. photos for the employee directory or pizza day in the canteen – it makes sense to divide the event into several time slots to avoid annoying waiting times. This is now very easy in Linchpin – thanks to the event time slots! Decide for yourself how many time slots you want to divide your event into, how many minutes a time slot consists of and how many of your colleagues are allowed to register per slot.