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A Development Platform That Brings Teams and Technologies Together: Atlassian Compass Is Now Available!

A development platform that brings teams and technologies together: Atlassian Compass is now available! - thumbnail

The world of software development is more complex than ever before and the expectations and demands on technical teams have increased dramatically: not only do they have to write high-quality code and deliver valuable products, but they also have to deal with constantly evolving security risks, configure cloud services, automate testing and implement monitoring tools. In addition, microservices, APIs and frameworks are becoming more and more common, and modern development teams are highly distributed. Given the technical complexity, building world-class development teams is not only a technology problem, but also a collaboration challenge. A new Atlassian product is stepping up to solve both aspects: Atlassian Compass is now available!

Security Features in Jira: Security Throughout the Development Lifecycle

Security Features in Jira: Security Throughout the Development Lifecycle - thumbnail

In the modern software world, it is absolutely impossible for development teams to always consider every single security angle. And therefore they have to face the inescapable reality that their code is vulnerable. The question is how the team deals with identified vulnerabilities. A new feature set in Jira helps them document, manage, prioritize and efficiently handle security issues in a centralized way.

Atlassian Marketplace Turns 10 – Join Us on May 31 To Celebrate and Do Good!

atlassian marketplace 10 years

Since its inception in 2012, the Atlassian Marketplace has grown from 60 apps to over 5,300. As the Atlassian Marketplace is celebrating its 10-year anniversary, Atlassian decided to do something back for the programmer community. Find out what, and how you can help!

Atlassian Compass: A Command Center for Better Software Development

atlassian compass better software developmen

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of applications in every organization, and information is more distributed and harder to find than ever. That’s why Atlassian is developing a new software solution called Atlas, the first teamwork directory that aims to connect all the dots across teams, applications and work. Atlas equips teams with a common vocabulary for open communication and a shared understanding of work contexts.

Linchpin Intranet Suite: A sneak peak at new and upcoming features

With version 2.0 of Linchpin Intranet Suite, our development teams have once again delivered, giving you great new features. But don’t worry, we didn’t slow down our development pace: the next release, launching Linchpin Intranet Suite 3.0, is set to release in mid-January. What are our Linchpin teams currently working on? What specific features are in the works for Linchpin Suite?  What goals are we pursuing and what customer problems will the new functions solve? In this article we’ll give you an overview of what all we’ve got planned for Linchpin Intranet Suite 3.0.

Extending Google G Suite: Google Apps Script or App Maker?

Google Apps Script and App Maker are just two of the many ways in which you can extend G Suite’s standard functions, lightening the burden on application administrators and macro specialists in organizations. Google Apps Script functions as the common programming language for both solutions, but there are differences you should consider before choosing which technology to use. Here we take a look at essential questions to ask when doing so.