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Jira Align and the new Value Stream Management

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What are we working on as a company in the long term? Does this create customer value? How should we allocate our resources in terms of our priorities? What blockers, dependencies and risks could threaten our strategic outcomes? Technical managers should be able to answer these questions at any given time. However, this is not as easy as it sounds, especially in large organisations. Jira Align with the new value stream management features can provide valuable services here.

Agile is a State of Mind – Call for Sessions for the Tools4AgileTeams 2023

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“Agile is a state of mind” will be the motto again from 30 November to 1 December: Tools4AgileTeams 2023 is on the horizon! Of course we want to offer the Agile community a conference with everything the Agile heart desires: keynotes, workshops, games, discussions, hands-on sessions, networking and much more. And now it’s your turn: the call for sessions is open! This means that you can now submit your ideas for a presentation or whatever format you want, as long as it is about teamwork, leadership, product management, service management, at scale or modern work in an agile environment. And of course, we’ll also tell you where to get the much sought-after tickets for T4AT.

The Importance of Clear and Concise Communication in Jira and How Awesome Custom Fields Can Help

The importance of clear and concise communication in Jira and how Awesome Custom Fields can help - awesome custom fields logo

In 2011, Netflix made quite a mistake with a rebranding, which could have been prevented had they communicated properly. Which brings us to our favorite issue tracking system: Jira. This tool uses custom fields, which can be customized with Awesome Custom Fields to make sure no one ever oversees any important information, improving communication.

The MoSCoW Method: Intuitively Understandable Prioritizations – Also Visible in Jira

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No team can do without meaningful prioritization of its upcoming tasks and work, even if it only acts reasonably efficiently and doesn’t want to rush past the needs of customers when developing a release or project. The MoSCoW method addresses the actual importance and relevance of a feature or story to a release or project, regardless of the amount of work required.

The WSJF Method for Prioritizing Work – and Integrating It in Jira with Awesome Custom Fields

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As a rule, tasks and work need to be prioritized before they are scheduled for processing. Some less experienced teams might intuitively think that prioritizing a backlog is not a big deal: a simple discrete order seems to be a good approach. But as soon as things get a bit more complex, it fails. For larger scenarios, the WSJF method offers a proven alternative. Here is an introduction along with a way to map the WSJF in Jira.

Tools4AgileTeams 2022 – Skyguide Experience Report: Establishing SAFe in a Highly Regulated Environment

Tools4AgileTeams 2022 - Skyguide Experience Report: Establishing SAFe in a Highly Regulated Environment - thumbnail

Most projects allow a degree of flexibility, but some are tightly controlled; imagine working on an ATC system (Air Traffic Control) and introducing new code in a live system. So how can you introduce SAFe in an environment where the slightest mistake can be catastrophic? Find out in this presntation from the Tools4AgileTeams 2022.

Tools4AgileTeams 2022 – Keynote – Agile for the Few or the Many? Achieving Complete Business Agility with SAFe – Dean Leffingwell

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On 1 and 2 December, the Tools4AgileTeams conference took place. There were 3 very interesting keynote speakers this year, the first of which was none other than Dean Leffingwell, creator of the SAFe framework. Among other things, he talked about immediately releaseing funds instead of waiting for the next year, the link between AI, robotics and Agile and what the next 20 years will hold.

Agile Is a State of Mind: Keynote #3 and What You Can Expect at the 11th Tools4AgileTeams!

Agile Is a State of Mind: What You Can Expect at the 11th Tools4AgileTeams! - thumbnail

Less than 6 weeks until the 11th Tools4AgileTeams – time to introduce the 3rd keynote and to take a first look at the agenda. Because on December 1st, the Agile community will meet in Wiesbaden and online to exchange ideas about agility in all its facets. Until then, here’s what medieval alchemy has to do with high-performance teams, how you can already put together your own program for the conference, and where you can secure your ticket for the conference.

Step up your agile transformation – How the right tools can help you to reach the next level in your agile environment!

SAFE step up your agile transformation

Over the last twenty years, agile has gained more and more traction in not only the technology world, but across all business sectors. Now, it is almost a no-brainer for startups and enterprise organizations alike. While startups seem to thrive with agile, larger organizations tend to struggle when attempting to scale the methodology. This is why frameworks such as SAFe® and Spotify have started to gain traction at the enterprise level.