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15 Years as an Atlassian Partner – a Special Anniversary for Seibert!

15 Years as an Atlassian Partner - A Special Anniversary for Seibert - thumbnail

Anniversaries are always something very special – and of course a reason to celebrate! You look back at the past, perhaps smile at the thought of one or two anecdotes and look positively to the future. And that’s exactly how we feel today: Seibert has been an Atlassian partner since February 2009, exactly 15 years ago! In this blog article, we look back at our humble beginnings, our first successes and reveal the secret of who is behind the pseudonym “the guy with the microphone”.

The Best Way to Organize Confluence Spaces

The Why of Organizing Your Confluence Spaces - thumbnail

If you’ve been a Confluence user for any length of time and it hasn’t already become painfully obvious, it soon will. The “it” being that while a great tool for collaborative content creation and knowledge sharing, when not organized properly, Confluence can become an overwhelming sea of information, making it extremely difficult to find what you’re looking for. This article offers some tips on how to organize your existing Confluence spaces and pages best and set the stage for an efficient and productive workflow for years to come.

#5havebecome1: Seibert Solutions Takes Flight for Your Atlassian Ecosystem!

5havebecome1: Seibert Solutions Takes Flight for Your Atlassian Ecosystem! - thumbnail

Ready for take-off: A month ago, beyondSolutions merged with Seibert Solutions. Since the beginning of December, Actonic, Collabri, and Hagen Management have also joined Seibert Solutions. This means that we can now get underway and offer you all the services you need to use your Atlassian ecosystem most effectively! In this blog article, we will briefly introduce you to Seibert Solutions and tell you about our first big get-together at the NewCo Open Space.

#5become1 Or: Why We Can Achieve More for Your Atlassian Ecosystem with Seibert Solutions

#5become1 or: Why we can achieve more for your Atlassian ecosystem with Seibert Solutions - thumbnail

5 experienced Atlassian Solution Partners become one holistic expert: We at Seibert Media are outsourcing our Atlassian licensing and services business to Seibert Solutions GmbH to merge with four other Atlassian Solution Partners. Today, we welcome beyondSolutions as our first partner. In December, Hagen Management, Actonic and Collabri will also merge with Seibert Solutions. This means that in future you will be able to obtain all services related to your Atlassian products from just one partner. What does this mean for you as a customer? Find out in this article how you can benefit from the merger and whether anything will change for you in your cooperation with us.

New Features for Linchpin Intranet Suite and Essentials: A Look into the Future

New features for Linchpin Intranet Suite and Essentials: A look into the future - thumbnail

Today, we’re looking into the Linchpin crystal ball to see which new features will be added in a few weeks, when Linchpin Intranet Suite 5.7 and Essentials 2.7 are released.

How to Service Management (Part 3) – How a Service Desk for HR Creates a Win-win Situation for Everyone

How to service management (part 3) - How a service desk for Human Resources (HR) creates a classic win-win situation for everyone involved - thumbnail

Requesting things from your HR department can be quite time-consuming and annoying. Who do you need to contact if you want to go on a workation? Or how do you book the pool car that your company provides for its employees? We’ll show you how we Seibert Media do this through our Service Desk in Jira Service Management.