#5become1 Or: Why We Can Achieve More for Your Atlassian Ecosystem with Seibert Solutions

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#5become1 or: Why we can achieve more for your Atlassian ecosystem with Seibert Solutions - banner

The Goonies and The Famous Five already knew that as a team, you can overcome any challenge that is thrown your way. That you can achieve more together than you can on your own is also, perhaps especially, true in the complex and dynamic world (of work) that we live in.

At Seibert Media, we're also convinced of this. That's why we want to combine our strengths in the area of Atlassian licences and services with those of some of our partners in a large team. To this end, we are spinning off our Atlassian business for licences and services into the newly founded Seibert Solutions GmbH and joining forces with other Atlassian Solution Partners.

Together, we'll be your first point of contact for Atlassian matters in the German-speaking region and form a stable unit in the Atlassian market, which is driven by consolidations.

What this will mean for you as our customer or partner, what the new company will look like and why we're doing this in the first place, you'll find out below.

5 Become 1 - This will be the new Seibert Solutions GmbH

As of 1 November 2023, beyondSolutions GmbH will join the new company as the first of four Atlassian Partners. In December, Hagen Management, Actonic GmbH and Collabri GmbH will also become part of Seibert Solutions.

#5become1 or: Why we can achieve more for your Atlassian ecosystem with Seibert Solutions - graphic showing all parts of Seibert Solutions in a sort of flower shape

How you will profit from our merger with other Partners

But why do all this? With combined forces, different strengths and specialisations, together we can achieve more for our customers - i.e. you and your company. You benefit from additional and geographically distributed resources, an expanded service portfolio and comprehensive services for your Atlassian products. In practice, this means:


#5become1 or: Why we can achieve more for your Atlassian ecosystem with Seibert Solutions - graph showing all services Seibert Solutions offers: licensing, consulting, training, support, custom development, strategy consulting, and managed hosting

More resources for larger projects

Merging our Atlassian licensing and services business with several partners into a single company also means that we have more resources at our disposal - over 150 experts, to be precise. This means we can work with you on even larger Atlassian projects and successfully guide you through any project, no matter how big or complex.

#5become1 or: Why we can achieve more for your Atlassian ecosystem with Seibert Solutions - photo of many of the Seibert Solutions employees

Closer to customers thanks to new locations

Seibert Solutions will focus on the DACH region - and will be represented there with five geographically distributed locations. In this way, we will be closer to many customers and be able to support them better. Take a look at our map and see where you will soon be able to find us:

#5become1 or: Why we can achieve more for your Atlassian ecosystem with Seibert Solutions - map with Seibert Solutions locations

What changes for you?

As a customer of Seibert Media, you will hardly notice anything of the formal changes. You will only be affected if you purchase licences or services related to Atlassian products from us. In this case, however, we have already informed you in advance. If you are a customer or partner of Actonic, beyondSolutions, Collabri or Hagen Management, the respective companies have also already contacted you.

In principle, your contact persons will remain the same, and so will the great (and now even more comprehensive) service you're getting. We will remain your reliable partner - not despite, but because of the upcoming changes in our corporate structure.

And don't be surprised: We are currently changing all user and distribution email addresses to the new domain @seibert.group. Don't worry though, you can of course still reach us at @seibert-media.net.

Do you have any questions about Seibert Solutions or are you not sure if anything changes in terms of your collaboration with us? Then get in touch with your usual contact person or send us an email at solutions@seibert.group.

Introducing Seibert Solutions - Who's part of it?

The corporate partners who will form Seibert Solutions in the future have intensively exchanged ideas with each other over the past months and put each other through their paces. Because one thing is clear: our joint venture can only be successful if it fits at all levels.

And it does! We share the same values and the same understanding of an innovative and agile corporate culture. The love of agile transformations also unites us. It's important to us that we remain flexible and agile at Seibert Solutions.

#5become1 or: Why we can achieve more for your Atlassian ecosystem with Seibert Solutions - photo of someone cutting a cake with Seibert Solutions written on it

The new company will consist of about 150 employees; more than 50 experts will come from Actonic, beyondSolutions, Collabri and Hagen Management, and they will bring a lot of know-how, skills and motivation to offer the full spectrum of Atlassian services for our customers and partners, together with the colleagues from the former Seibert Media.

So without further ado, these are the companies that will be part of Seibert Solutions:

Seibert Media

Seibert Media is one of the world's leading Atlassian Solution Partners and specializes in selling Atlassian licenses and providing Atlassian services. In addition, Seibert Media is one of the most successful providers of Atlassian Apps and develops software solutions itself, which are distributed via the Atlassian Marketplace. Seibert Media is also active in the Google ecosystem. As a Google Cloud Partner, we offer solutions and services for Google Workspace and Google Cloud. With more than 350 employees in Germany and the USA, we support companies in the areas of modern collaboration and digital transformation.

By spinning off our business unit for Atlassian licenses and Atlassian services and merging with Actonic, beyondSolutions, Collabri, and Hagen Management, we are creating Seibert Solutions. We want to support our customers in the holistic use of Atlassian software and will have an even clearer focus in the future: All Things Atlassian!

"In the intensive discussions of the last few months, we have often invoked a very simple formula to express the core of our common idea: Real Work, No Bullshit. I am pleased that Seibert Solutions will continue to stand out from the crowd and remain an independent and owner-managed company. This will allow us to focus on what really matters - creating the greatest possible value for our customers." - Sebastian Martini, Co-CEO of Seibert Media GmbH


beyondSolutions from Münster is the "northern spearhead" of Seibert Solutions.Our guiding principle is "beyond (just) solutions" - and the name says it all: we not only provide our customers with the solution to a problem, but look beyond it. For us, this means that we view and penetrate every challenge holistically, always with a view to the individual customer and their specific needs. In this way, we develop future-oriented solution concepts that include both Atlassian tools and adaptations to organisational processes.

We have already been collaborating with Seibert Media since 2020 - since then we have got to know each other so well that the merger in the new Seibert Solutions is the logical next step for us. We are strengthening the new company with five professionals. We have split off our previously existing second business area - occupational health and safety support - in the course of the planned merger and sent it on its own mission.

"I founded beyondSolutions in order to offer clients holistic solutions combined with a view to the long-term and sustainable development of their companies. The prerequisite was to always remain true to my own high moral and ethical ideas. To have found partners in Actonic, Collabri, Hagen Management and Seibert Media who not only share these values and vision, but also consistently pursue them together through the merger of our Atlassian licensing and service divisions, and thus enter a new era, fills me with pride and gratitude." - Mirko Schäfer, Founder and Managing Director beyondSolutions GmbH


Actonic, based in Stuttgart, is a Platinum Solution Partner and focuses on consulting, training and support in the Atlassian service area. For us, the focus is on creating holistic added value for our customers that not only meets their expectations, but exceeds them.

We have had a successful partnership with Seibert Media for a long time, and are now happy to bring 31 of our experts into the new Seibert Solutions. Together with the other companies that make up Seibert Solutions, we are creating an outstanding new full-service partner in the Atlassian ecosystem that will be a "one-stop shop" for all licensing, consulting and operational needs with the highest customer value.

"The merger of five partners to form a new big player in the Atlassian market is a fantastic opportunity for us to combine existing strengths and to continuously learn from each other. The goal is clear: to deliver maximum added value for customers so that they only need a single point of contact in the Atlassian ecosystem. And this is just the first step on our journey together. We look forward to a successful future." - Gregor Kasmann, CEO Actonic GmbH

Hagen Management

Entrepreneurial strategy and organisation consulting is part of Hagen Management's DNA. By combining organisational development with Atlassian solutions and integrating them, we have carved out a niche for ourselves as a certified Gold Solution Partner. In concrete terms, this means that we first work with our clients to "make a clean sweep" strategically and structurally, and implement Atlassian's powerful tools on this basis.

Our office is located in Dornbirn, Austria, in the Lake Constance region - in the Postgarage in the Campus V area. Here we have created the "Postgarage Arena", an innovative workshop and event space where we are happy to host our customers and partners. We bring a team of seven to Seibert Solutions.

"Martin Seibert and I have known each other for over 15 years. Strictly speaking, he and Seibert Media were the reason why we included Atlassian in our service and competence portfolio. We are all the more pleased that we are combining our experience and strengths in the joint Seibert Solutions." - Stefan Hagen, CEO Hagen Management GmbH


Collabri, based in Ilz, Austria, has its strengths in the holistic support of customers - that means from process and requirements management to support and technical operation.
The company was founded in 2018 as a spin-off from one of the largest Atlassian partners in Austria. Since there was already a large concentration of Atlassian partners in Vienna, the goal was to cover regions outside of Vienna. The plan worked out and helped us grow steadily over the last few years.

"Collabri sees the merger as an opportunity to contribute its strengths in covering the entire value chain in the Atlassian area. This coupled with the security of being able to optimally support further customers in the enterprise sector with several partners." - Paul Allmer, CEO Collabri GmbH

Unstoppable together: shaping the future of collaboration together!

We don't know what the world will look like in a few years, but we do know that we will be in a very good position by then. With our all-round Atlassian offering, which makes us a holistic partner for all customer needs, the additional locations in the DACH region and powerful, agile teams, we are a reliable constant even in a volatile environment for companies that have recognised internal collaboration as an element of success.

We are looking forward to the new chapter that we are now opening together with Actonic, beyondSolutions, Collabri and Hagen Management. We welcome our new colleagues and customers to the Seibert family and are sure that together we will set up many exciting and groundbreaking Atlassian projects!

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