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#5become1 Or: Why We Can Achieve More for Your Atlassian Ecosystem with Seibert Solutions

#5become1 or: Why we can achieve more for your Atlassian ecosystem with Seibert Solutions - thumbnail

5 experienced Atlassian Solution Partners become one holistic expert: We at Seibert Media are outsourcing our Atlassian licensing and services business to Seibert Solutions GmbH to merge with four other Atlassian Solution Partners. Today, we welcome beyondSolutions as our first partner. In December, Hagen Management, Actonic and Collabri will also merge with Seibert Solutions. This means that in future you will be able to obtain all services related to your Atlassian products from just one partner. What does this mean for you as a customer? Find out in this article how you can benefit from the merger and whether anything will change for you in your cooperation with us.