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Documentation from Jira to Confluence – How It Works with Autopage!

Documentation from Jira to Confluence - how it works with AutoPage! - thumbnail

Documentation in software development is not exactly the greatest of joys for many teams. Nevertheless, the documentation of a software product must of course be as complete and comprehensive as possible. The app AutoPage has set out to take much of the pain out of manual documentation work for teams. It makes it possible to automatically create Confluence pages directly from Jira on which the current contents of the processes are documented. In this post, we’ll go through the initial setup of AutoPage step by step. Once you have done these things, your team can use Jira as usual – with the difference that the further development is now automatically mapped in Confluence.

Autopage Goes Cloud – the Easiest Solution for Your Documentation Problems

Autopage Goes Cloud - the Easiest Solution for Your Documentation Problems - thumbnail

Do you also like to write documentation after a user story, a bug or in the course of a new development? No? Then you’re not the only one, because for very few people this is one of their favorite activities. For you and for all the documentation haters in the Atlassian ecosystem, we have good news: the AutoPage app is now available in a cloud version! With AutoPage, you can create Confluence pages with all the info that documentation pages need directly from Jira issues. Learn more about this useful app!

//SEIBERT/MEDIA and StepShot are now partners!

Every company – no matter how flat, agile and streamlined it is – has many digital processes and workflows. And organizations that use Confluence usually have the goal to record knowledge in one location within the company. StepShot helps teams capture information quickly and easily with their Step-by-Step Guides Creator, an all-in-one software documentation solution integrated into Confluence. Now StepShot and //SEIBERT/MEDIA have entered into an exciting partnership.