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Software documentation - effective and efficient

Every company - no matter how flat, agile and streamlined it is - has many digital processes and workflows. And organizations that use Confluence usually have the goal to record knowledge in one location within the company. StepShot helps teams capture information quickly and easily with their Step-by-Step Guides Creator, an all-in-one software documentation solution integrated into Confluence. Now StepShot and //SEIBERT/MEDIA have entered into an exciting partnership.

While there are many tools that can help in one aspect or another, many teams still see documentation creation as a difficult and tedious burden. StepShot was designed to make documenting software processes in an enterprise environment as easy as possible.

The typical approach to documenting processes has many steps:

  • Take screenshots.
  • Use an image editor to annotate the images.
  • Add the images to a Confluence page as attachments.

StepShot is an all-in-one product that helps you improve the typically painful and slow documentation process of describing each step in a workflow both in text and visually, to make your documentation as readable and perfect as possible.

The solution ships with a Confluence app as well as desktop clients for Windows and macOs. With StepShot, documentation development is streamlined and easy:

  • With just one click, create screenshots and even text descriptions.
  • In the integrated editor, add arrows, highlights, blur, etc. to the images.
  • Save your completed documentation in Confluence with just one click.

There are many use cases for StepShot in teams and companies of all kinds and sizes: software and technical documentation, tutorials for using internal systems, application demonstrations, workflow documentation - whenever processes need to be recorded systematically, the Step-by-Step Guides Creator for Confluence is an effective and, most importantly, an efficient tool.

Partnership and collaboration

StepShot and //SEIBERT/MEDIA have now entered into an exciting partnership. //SEIBERT/MEDIA is now the official distributor for the Step-by-Step Guide Creator; we now sell the software and perform online and offline marketing for StepShot.

Martin Seibert, Managing Director of //SEIBERT/MEDIA, talks about this collaboration:

We have been convinced by the tool's extensive functionality and professional applications, and I personally see great potential. There is a clear need for a quick and easy process documentation solution in all companies. We are excited about our partnership and I am sure that StepShot will become a major player in the Atlassian ecosystem.

We have jumped in with both feet and started working - you'll soon see more information and content such as videos and detailed articles on the software features. We will also show you how you can use StepShot to quickly - and systematically - document more processes centrally and painlessly in Confluence.

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