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Google Workspace Update November 2023 – Continuous Development for Your Team’s Collaboration and Communication

Google Workspace Update November 2023 - thumbnail

If your team works with Google Workspace regularly, you will likely have noticed that things have changed almost overnight. These changes are both large and small. There have been some minor changes within the collaboration tools and significant changes to the functionality of their main tools. Thanks to the Workspace updates, you can familiarise yourself with all the new features at a glance, share the changes with your team and adapt to them. Here is an overview of the latest features and changes for Google Workspace.

Properties for Confluence – a Lifesaver in Asset Management and Business Organisation

Properties - a lifesaver in asset management and business organisation - thumbnail

When you talk about running a business, people usually think about talking with exciting clients or creating new ideas and products, but often the more tedious part of running a business is forgotten: asset management. To make this tedious task (much) easier, Properties allows you to keep an automatically-updated overview of all your assets, so you have more time for those clients or coming up with the next must-have product!

“I 🧡” #4: Why do cloud architectures also profit from diagrams?

“I 🧡” #4: Why do cloud architectures also profit from diagrams? - thumbnail

More and more companies are migrating to the cloud. But as with on-prem infrastructure, a solid architecture is needed in the cloud. Similar to building a house, you can use diagrams for cloud design – at least if you use for it. This blog article explains why the diagram tool is also suitable for mapping your cloud architecture and whether it can be combined with specialised development tools.

Hit the Road, Jack – the Atlassian Data Center Roadmap and More Accessibility in Confluence and Linchpin

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Modern software is not only characterized by the fact that the technology is optimized or that new feature releases appear regularly. Rather, modern software also addresses the compliance requirements of companies, for example by enabling accessibility. In this regard, Confluence Data Center from Atlassian and our own social intranet, Linchpin Intranet Suite, are setting a good example and began removing accessibility barriers some time ago. We look together at the roadmaps of the two teams to find out which features will make the tools even more accessible in the future.

Linchpin at BSH Receives Inkometa Award for Best Intranet!

BSH Home Appliances won this year’s Inkometa Award in the Social Intranet / Collaboration category! Why this is of particular interest to us? Well, because their intranet was created using our Linchpin Intranet Suite! Together with our partner XALT, we replaced their aged, top-down intranet with Linchpin. Read all about the why and how (and who) here.

4 Useful Ways to Escape the Time-wasting Loop with SAFe® and Agile Hive

4 Ways to Escape the Time-wasting Loop with SAFe® and Agile Hive - thumbnail

Small startups and enterprises both need to harness agility in order to work in the most efficient way possible. The agile revolution is still thriving throughout the world and large organizations are starting to pick up on the advantages their startup competitors have. So how do enterprises scale the agile practices that seem to come so easily to startups and other lean organizations? Part of the answer is a framework and part of the answer is tooling.