Actively Doing Nothing – Tricent’s Easy Unsharing Tool to Ensure Compliance

Peter Hartwig, Chief Experience Officer at Tricent, reveals a compelling argument to agile businesses - “compliance should not be holding you back”. How can companies be agile and compliant at the same time? Employees sharing files is a normal task in all businesses today. As such, everyone faces the risk of sensitive information being transferred. How can we ensure third parties don’t have access to files with sensitive information? Unsharing files could be the solution here, but how can we make sure employees don't waste their time with the repetitive task of unsharing their hundreds of files? The answer, according to Tricent, is to do nothing!

More specifically, in 2018, Tricent created a full-scale compliance solution for document sharing management. It is an automated (retention) system that unshares files for administrative purposes. For end-users, this means that they have more time to create value whilst keeping sensitive documents protected. Admin users set the policies for the automation system and have an overview of all shared files outside the company. Overall, with Tricent, employees can rest assured they are complying with their company’s wishes. Those with intended access to files are the only ones with it.

Tricent, as a product, was designed from insights on Google as well as from successfully supported third-party tools. For ease of use and international demand, Tricent is available in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Spanish.

Tricent is a sister company of Apps People, and a proud Google Cloud partner with headquarters located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Watch the below presentation on YouTube to learn more about how Peter and Finn from Tricent discuss their solution that keeps companies agile at the same time! Notably, they show step by step how easy and simple Tricent is to use!

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