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Properties to the (HR) Rescue – Saving Workflows From The Brink of Chaos

Properties to the (HR) Rescue - Saving Workflows From The Brink of Chaos - thumbnail

This article discusses how your HR department could simplify and streamline their workflows making use of Properties’ new Board visualization. Using Kanban-like functionality, the developers at Junovi have expanded the intuitive features of their Properties app. With the Property Group Visualization macro, you can create either an OrgChart or Board view. We’ll take a look at how specifically the Board view gives you the ease and functionality of a Kanban board.

Quality Management Features In Properties for Confluence

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With the modern-day workforce often being completely remote or a hybrid form of remote and in-office, quality management becomes more difficult. You can’t always pick up the phone or walk to someone’s desk. To be able to see “who did what and when” in Confluence, Properties now lets you view certain changes in the metadata so you don’t have to wait for that colleague from overseas to come online anymore.

Properties for Confluence – a Lifesaver in Asset Management and Business Organisation

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When you talk about running a business, people usually think about talking with exciting clients or creating new ideas and products, but often the more tedious part of running a business is forgotten: asset management. To make this tedious task (much) easier, Properties allows you to keep an automatically-updated overview of all your assets, so you have more time for those clients or coming up with the next must-have product!

Build Your Own Support Ticket System in Confluence Cloud

Build Your Own Support Ticket System in Confluence Cloud - thumbnail

Every company that works with computers needs IT support. After all, once set up, computers don’t just sit there and do their jobs exactly the way they need to all the time. Or employees might need new hardware or software. Thankfully, there’s a way to create an IT support system in Confluence: with Properties!

Document Your Leads in Confluence Cloud from the First Contact

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As a salesperson, you want to know your potential customers as well as you know your friends or family members. But as you try to get as many customers as you can for your company, you could easily lose the overview of all of their details. Thankfully, if you’re using Confluence Cloud, there’s an easy way to keep things organized with Properties – Custom fields, Metadata, Databases, & Reports.