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The Importance of Service Desk Automation in ITSM

The Importance of Service Desk Automation in ITSM - thumbnail

In an era of rapidly advancing technologies, efficient ITSM infrastructures are indispensable for companies. The service desk plays a key role in this as the central point of contact for IT services. However, if support requests are processed manually, it is often error-prone and resource-intensive. Service desk automation therefore offers a solution to eliminate errors and increase the efficiency and quality of IT services. From faster problem resolution to data-driven decision making, find out more about the benefits and key features of this innovative technology!

Service Portfolio Management – A Bridge Between ITSM and Corporate Strategy

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One of the ITSM practices that the ITIL framework describes is Service Portfolio Management. According to ITIL, the purpose of this approach is to ensure that organizations have the right mix of programs, projects, products and services to execute their organizational strategies within the constraints of financial and resource limitations. This is quite abstract and technical – so what does this mean? In this article, we want to shed some light on this topic.

ITSM Teams Between Stability and Change: What Is Change Management Actually?

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ITSM teams are in a balancing act between consistency and change: on the one hand, they should offer stable and reliable services, on the other hand, they have to react to constantly changing requirements with service updates. Effective IT Change Management enables you to do both! We explain what you can understand by this, what the change management process can look like and reveal some best practices.

Configuration Management in ITSM Teams – Make Infrastructure and Services Visible and Reproducible

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When you bite into your favorite burger at your go to fast food restaurant, you have certain expectations regarding consistency, taste and execution. How you like your burger is exactly how you should get it. This actually requires a number of high-quality functioning configurations. So let’s pivot from you getting that delicious burger to how you expect your IT Service Management to be prepared and delivered. We quickly end up with a process called Configuration Management. Configuration Management’s goal is to make the IT landscape, the ITSM team’s services and all components that contribute to their delivery transparent and reproducible. So much for a quick introduction. Let’s dive a bit deeper into the topic.

Knowledge Management in IT Service Management – It’s Enough to Invent the Wheel Only Once

Nowadays, it is a known fact that knowledge within a company should not be lost if at all possible. Arguably, every organization strives to develop strategies to effectively preserve, process, and utilize knowledge for the future. This is especially true for ITSM teams. After all, IT Service Management is all about casting the tasks and activities of IT teams into standardized, reproducible services. It is essential to rely on established solutions to avoid starting from scratch repeatedly. Knowledge once acquired should not have to be reacquired elsewhere. Here is an introduction to the challenges and opportunities of modern knowledge management.