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Atlassian Together – a Work Management Suite for the New World of Collaboration

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The world of work has changed and many companies are now organising themselves differently than before the pandemic, which has accelerated many developments – including the acceptance of distributed teams. The new product suite Atlassian Together steps up to support organisations in their transformation to an open, agile, transparent collaboration culture and to provide them with the appropriate toolset for modern collaboration in teams and across teams.

The MoSCoW Method: Intuitively Understandable Prioritizations – Also Visible in Jira

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No team can do without meaningful prioritization of its upcoming tasks and work, even if it only acts reasonably efficiently and doesn’t want to rush past the needs of customers when developing a release or project. The MoSCoW method addresses the actual importance and relevance of a feature or story to a release or project, regardless of the amount of work required.

An Unexpected Journey – The Adventure Begins! ( Adventures in Diagramming, Part 1)

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RPG fans and those who want to become one, watch out: Here we go! The unexpected journey of four disparate heroines and heroes starts in the offices of a company somewhere in the USA… Dive into the world of role-playing games, follow a team of four normal people (at least in the beginning) and get suggestions and tips from the team about diagrams, whiteboards and the best “Lord of the Rings” meme ever!

The WSJF Method for Prioritizing Work – and Integrating It in Jira with Awesome Custom Fields

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As a rule, tasks and work need to be prioritized before they are scheduled for processing. Some less experienced teams might intuitively think that prioritizing a backlog is not a big deal: a simple discrete order seems to be a good approach. But as soon as things get a bit more complex, it fails. For larger scenarios, the WSJF method offers a proven alternative. Here is an introduction along with a way to map the WSJF in Jira.

An Unexpected Journey: Taking Teamwork with Diagrams (and to a Magical Level!

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Do you know the movie “The Gamers” or are you familiar with “Pen & Paper” or “Role Playing”? If yes, this article is just right for you! If not, this article is also for you – because the team takes you on a journey into the world of adventure, magic, fantasy and heroines! In this new series of blog articles, you’ll have the chance to take part in quests alongside some atypical characters and learn about new finesses of diagramming.

“To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.” – Happy Inventors Day!

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Today is Inventors Day in the USA, and as an “inventor” of lots of Confluence and Jira apps, we thought we’d share a bit of information about this holiday and some of our better and less well-known apps, even some that didn’t make it onto the Atlassian Marketplace.

Hybrid Work with Google Workspace – Part 6: Healthy Self-Management in the Home Office

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For hybrid work to succeed, you need healthy routines and habits – it’s the only way to make the mix of home and office feel as natural as possible for everyone in the company. We’ll give you some tips on how to get the most out of your hybrid work model – with the help of Google Workspace.