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An Unexpected Journey – The Adventure Begins! ( Adventures in Diagramming, Part 1)

An unexpected journey - the adventure begins! (Adventures in Diagramming, Part 1) - thumbnail

RPG fans and those who want to become one, watch out: Here we go! The unexpected journey of four disparate heroines and heroes starts in the offices of a company somewhere in the USA… Dive into the world of role-playing games, follow a team of four normal people (at least in the beginning) and get suggestions and tips from the team about diagrams, whiteboards and the best “Lord of the Rings” meme ever!

An Unexpected Journey: Taking Teamwork with Diagrams (and to a Magical Level!

An unexpected journey: taking teamwork with diagrams (and to a magical level! - thumbnail

Do you know the movie “The Gamers” or are you familiar with “Pen & Paper” or “Role Playing”? If yes, this article is just right for you! If not, this article is also for you – because the team takes you on a journey into the world of adventure, magic, fantasy and heroines! In this new series of blog articles, you’ll have the chance to take part in quests alongside some atypical characters and learn about new finesses of diagramming.