New in Jira, Confluence and Co.: A Team Member Named ‘Atlassian Intelligence’

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Given the rapid rise of AI technologies, it is reasonable to assume that the future of team collaboration will be a partnership between humans and AI. Intelligent, continuously learning software will be able to perform various standard tasks, communicate meaningfully with customers, and even support complex projects at various levels.

In April 2023, Atlassian announced the cross-product launch of their own Gen AI solution called Atlassian Intelligence and has since invested heavily in the development of this feature set. As expected, interest has been huge; according to Atlassian, almost ten percent of all customers have participated in the beta program - a record!

The first wave of AI features has now been delivered and is generally available for the cloud platform. They are designed to help teams work together more productively, get things done faster, and use company data more effectively to make better decisions. Let's look at which features Atlassian has recently released and which will follow soon.

Promote Individual Productivity with Atlassian Intelligence

Effective teamwork hinges on individual productivity: when each team member works optimally, the whole team accomplishes more. With Atlassian Intelligence, users can swiftly design pages containing crucial content, automate routine tasks by making simple requests in natural language, summarize lengthy texts, and access relevant, context-specific help more efficiently. This empowers every team member to deliver their best, fostering outstanding results.

New in Jira, Confluence and Co.: A Team Member Named ‘Atlassian Intelligence’ - animated gif of Atlassian Intelligence creating a table in a Jira issue

Generative AI in the Editor: Creating user stories in Jira tickets, adjusting the tone of a customer response in Jira Service Management, and generating page drafts in Confluence - AI supports team members in processing routine tasks, reducing the workload for many standard steps.

AI-supported Summaries: For extensive Confluence pages with long texts and Jira processes with a wealth of information, Atlassian Intelligence generates efficient summaries, saving screen time and bringing the essential details into focus.

Automation with Natural Language: In Confluence, various actions can be automated by prompting the system in natural language. (This option will soon also be available in Jira.)

Definitions (Beta): Atlassian Intelligence assists in quickly clarifying organization-specific concepts, terms and acronyms, providing particularly valuable during onboarding. (This feature is also forthcoming in Jira and Jira Service Management).

New in Jira, Confluence and Co.: A Team Member Named ‘Atlassian Intelligence’ - Atlassian Intelligence giving more information about a term used on a Confluence page with information from the company Confluence wiki

Generate Insights From Enterprise Data

Atlassian Intelligence enables team members to swiftly derive actionable insights from data. Seamless natural language interfaces translate complex queries, revealing valid answers from the organization's knowledge base faster than ever before.

New in Jira, Confluence and Co.: A Team Member Named ‘Atlassian Intelligence’ - Filtering jira issues by using Atlassian Intelligence to write a sentence instead of using JQL

JQL from Natural Language: Users can use natural language to discover processes and identify dependencies - even if this requires extensive JQL queries in the background.

SQL from Natural Language: By translating natural language into SQL, Atlassian Analytics provides broader access to data-based insights, fostering a deeper understanding of crucial metrics in project management, customer support velocity, and team health.

Questions and Answers in Confluence (Beta): Gone are the days of simple search results in lists. In Confluence, users can now ask questions about project status, essential workflows, guidelines, or processes and receive contextualized answers.

Questions and Answers in Compass (Beta): A similar feature is also available for Compass. This significantly reduces the time spent searching for technological information about microservices, systems, components, deployments, and owner teams.

New in Jira, Confluence and Co.: A Team Member Named ‘Atlassian Intelligence’ - Atlassian Intelligence asking a question in the Confluence search and getting the answer in the same pop-up window as generated AI text or a link to an employee profile

Driving Actions with Gen AI

Virtual agents have been available in Jira Service Management since November 2023. These specialized AI-supported team members can respond to customer requests in Slack. Virtual agents allow teams to significantly reduce the human workload while upholding the quality of their services. This is just the first specialized AI assistant, as this type of support has numerous additional use cases.

New in Jira, Confluence and Co.: A Team Member Named ‘Atlassian Intelligence’ - Atlassian Intelligence AI assistant helping an employee get editor access to Figma through chat

Suggestions for Request Types: The AI assists JSM admins in creating request types by entering a few words, streamlining the process of quickly identifying a service project for each ticket.

Coming soon - Code Reviewers for Bitbucket: Atlassian Intelligence will soon be capable of reviewing pull request diffs, automatically offering comments with suggested changes to syntax and code conventions. This allows human reviewers more time to scrutinize critical changes. Additionally, developers can generate PR descriptions from commit messages, providing valuable context.

Atlassian Intelligence for All Premium and Enterprise Customers

These features mark just the beginning of what is achievable with artificial intelligence in Atlassian products. With virtual teammates integrated into every stage of the workflow, Atlassian AI has the potential to significantly free up teams at all levels, providing them with more capacity to address complex problems that only human intelligence can solve. Atlassian Intelligence is available to all cloud customers on the Premium and Enterprise plans.

Want to know more? Experience the New AI Features Directly in the System! We would be happy to show you and your team the capabilities of Atlassian Intelligence and the potential it unlocks for your team. If you have any questions about Atlassian Cloud or if you are looking for a capable companion for your journey to the cloud, look no further. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner with a history of supporting numerous migrations, we are ready to assist you. Just get in touch with us!

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