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Encouraging Employees to Use a Social Intranet

Innovation Adoption Lifecycle (Pnautilus – Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License)

The introduction of a social intranet provokes many different reactions within a company. A social intranet is no longer top-down, instead it provides a way to network across departments and silos. A social intranet is about collaboration between colleagues and achieving results. The technical challenges and requirements of an intranet are secondary to how the employees welcome or reject the changes to communication, collaboration and work processes. The introduction of a social intranet must first and foremost consider the employees reactions to the changes. So, how do you ensure that your employees (and managers!) embrace these changes?

Martin Seibert Blogs “English First”

A few days ago, I had to put up with Winfried Felser calling me a “fake.” It was meant as a joke because I had told Winfried that some of my tweets are automatically generated from a blog and our public microblog. In a way, he is right. I really did up my Twitter game in October or November last year – first via Buffer and now Hootsuite. It’s been working really well so far. And I’ve always answered and responded personally and will continue to do so.

Understanding SnapChat and a Corporate Context for Collaboration Tools

Have you ever heard of SnapChat? Two years ago, I first realized that SnapChat was “hot”, when they turned down an offer to be bought by Google for 500 million USD. We tried the service back then to understand why it was so successful. We failed. We could not understand how this service was different or any better than other instant messengers like Whatsapp or HipChat in the business context. A lot of corporate leaders probably face a very similar situation with digital collaboration tools in the workplace today.

How to Optimize and own your own Profile on the Web and in Intranets

It’s been a simple JIRA issue at first with the summary: “Optimize your own public profile”. Every email I write contains a simple footer with my phone number and a link to my English profile page. I realize, that the importance of the linked page is rising. That’s how the JIRA issue about optimizing this page was created: I wanted to put some effort in my profile optimization. That’s why I am creating this blog post as a public documentation and a point for you to comment on and help me get more ideas.