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Invitation: Write as a Guest Expert for //SEIBERT/MEDIA

If you enjoy blogging, or like to put your thoughts down on paper, and if you have a writing style that attracts readers, please contact us! We’d like to invite you to be a guest author on our corporate blogs, who writes about technical, organizational and business-oriented topics. We’d love to add your contributions to our growing collection of articles, and we are willing to provide a generous reward.

Martin Seibert Blogs “English First”

A few days ago, I had to put up with Winfried Felser calling me a “fake.” It was meant as a joke because I had told Winfried that some of my tweets are automatically generated from a blog and our public microblog. In a way, he is right. I really did up my Twitter game in October or November last year – first via Buffer and now Hootsuite. It’s been working really well so far. And I’ve always answered and responded personally and will continue to do so.