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Linchpin Events 2.0: Easy Events for Confluence redesigned and renamed!

The Easy Events RSVP app has very successfully allowed many of our customers to manage their events directly in Confluence and in the Confluence-based Linchpin social intranet suite. Easy Events has been on the Atlassian Marketplace for five years now! In light of this anniversary, we will be giving the app a complete refresh and a new name: Linchpin Events. We’d like to let you know what we have in store and build a little excitement and anticipation around the upcoming release.

New Version of Easy Events for Confluence: More Flexibility in Event Planning

Our EasyEvents add-on for Confluence, with its intuitive interface, allows all employees to initiate and organize events with ease. A macro is integrated into all event pages, and allows participants to RSVP (or unsubscribe) with just one click. The new EasyEvents version 1.4 is now available in the Atlassian Marketplace. In addition to bug fixes, we have added new functionality for significantly more flexibility.

Easy Events Plugin – Create Event Pages in Confluence

Integrate Events in Confluence more smoothly with the Easy Events Plugin. Sven Heß, who was involved in developing the plugin, and Martin Seibert take a look at the features of the plugin. By a simple click, a user can join the event and invite other participants. No need to create and update complicated tables. The plugin is available on the Atlassian Marketplace for only US$ 10 for unlimited users.

Hackathon at //SEIBERT/MEDIA – Field report on developing the EasyEvents plugin for Confluence

The goal of a hackathon is to buckle down and create a product and/or complete a small project under time pressure (at //SEIBERT/MEDIA within 24 hours). The hackathon team alone plans and decides what kind of product or project to work on. We explained the reasons for regularly conducting hackathons in our agile organization in more detailed articles. On the one hand, we strive to create concrete and truly innovative solutions. On the other hand, we try to attain “soft” effects, such as promoting training, teamwork and personal responsibility and motivating our employees. Our latest hackathon took place in early July 2013. In the following chronological field report, we offer insight into the work of the team that designed and developed the EasyEvents Confluence plugin.

Easy Events for Confluence: Save time organizing events in the company wiki

Events, team events and office parties take place in every company. Meetings and discussions are part of daily life at the office. Creating and operationalizing Confluence documents to organize acceptances and rejections is repetitive and time-consuming work. The EasyEvents Confluence plugin developed by //SEIBERT/MEDIA does a lot of this work for you.