Linchpin Events 2.0: Easy Events for Confluence redesigned and renamed!

Being able to manage events is one of the central and therefore most important use cases of a successful intranet platform.  The Easy Events RSVP app has very successfully allowed many of our customers to manage their events directly in Confluence and in the Confluence-based Linchpin social intranet suite. Easy Events has been on the Atlassian Marketplace for five years now! In light of this anniversary, we will be giving the app a complete refresh and a new name: Linchpin Events.

We'd like to let you know what we have in store and build a little excitement and anticipation around the upcoming release.

New features: Create and manage events independently of pages

Until now, events had to be created and maintained as part of a Confluence page, which isn't a bad idea - you can store an event's agenda, instructions and notes directly in the right context. However, this has repeatedly led to problems, for example when copying or duplicating events, and has significantly limited its application, such as when you tried to integrate several events within one page.

In the future, you will create and manage events via the new central event portal; Confluence pages will now only include a reference to the event. Anchoring events independent of Confluence spaces and pages enables allows for the flexible integration of events across the entire system, you'll have no problems copying event pages and you can embed an unlimited number of event links on the one page.

One place for all events: The new event portal

Previously, it was time consuming and fiddly to get an overview of all events or see even just your own events: Event information had to be collected and aggregated via list macros and individual Confluence pages.

Linchpin Events' new event portal provides you with a dedicated, central location to create, manage and find events, with a number of options:

  • Custom event filters: Users can quickly search through the events created in your intranet by using various filters (date fields, etc.) and create their own personal overviews.
  • "My Events": You often want to see a quick overview of your own events to plan future meetings or appointments. You will now be able to see your events with a single click on a predefined filter.
  • Create all your events from one place: You will be able to create and manage all of your events independently of a Confluence page with more flexible and rich configuration options, for example, you will be able to designate specific organizers and attendees for each event.

A new look: Event images and a modern design

Making the presentation of an event contributes to its visibility and popularity, and thus also to the success of the event. Linchpin Events allows you to present your events more attractively, with clear information and new visual design elements - for example, you can add an image to your event, and it will be displayed in the event macro.

Visible from everywhere: Event information in Linchpin Mobile

People don't just work at their desks. The importance of mobile collaboration and the need to support location-independent access to work-relevant information is continuously increasing. The new Linchpin Events makes it possible to present event information in Linchpin Mobile. You'll soon be able to see your events from wherever you are.

Linchpin Events 2.0 will be available soon

The features mentioned above are deep in their development phase, which is why we have to be a bit stingy with screenshots. As soon as we deliver this new release, we will provide you with more details and a demonstration. Linchpin Events 2.0 should be available on the Atlassian Marketplace before Christmas.

Would you like to know more about Linchpin Events and its integration into Confluence-based intranet solutions? Would you like to test it, no obligation? Perhaps you have suggestions for features that you'd love to see included? Get in touch with us, our development team would love to talk to you!

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