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We 🧡 #6 – and Unique Diagrams from Our Customers!

We love #6 - and unique diagrams from our customers! - thumbnail

In our “I 🧡” series, we highlight the many possible uses and types of diagrams you can make with This time, we also present use cases that are rather unusual for us: For example, we show you what connects a car refurbishment company, a hair salon and students of mathematics, and why we have sometimes been able to help without even knowing it.

Hybrid Work with Google Workspace – Part 6: Healthy Self-Management in the Home Office

Hybrid Work with Google Workspace - Part 6: Healthy Self-Management in the Home Office - thumbnail

For hybrid work to succeed, you need healthy routines and habits – it’s the only way to make the mix of home and office feel as natural as possible for everyone in the company. We’ll give you some tips on how to get the most out of your hybrid work model – with the help of Google Workspace.

I 🧡 #5: 3 Tips to Create Presentations Your Team Will Love

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If your history teacher, instead of rattling off boring facts, has recreated important battles with pictures, graphics or even miniature figures or Lego, you know yourself: Information is better remembered when it is conveyed in a clear way. This also applies to presentations, one of the main tools for conveying information. But here, many quickly reach their limits. The result: cluttered, unclear or not very meaningful slides. We’ll show you how to integrate even complex diagrams into presentations with and how to prepare them in such a way that your audience will be thrilled!

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Hybrid Work with Google Workspace – Part 5: Scenarios for Successful Meetings

Hybrid work with Google Workspace - Part 5: Scenarios for Successful Meetings - thumbnail

Not all hybrid meetings are the same, because every situation and every goal has an impact on the design of such a meeting. This may cause uncertainty at the beginning, but it also opens up many possibilities. To make sure hybrid meetings don’t unsettle you (anymore), we’ve prepared some templates to give you insights into the diverse world of hybrid work (and starting points to help you along).

Hybrid work with Google Workspace – Part 4: How to Succeed in Hybrid Meetings with Google Meet and Companion Mode

Hybrid work with Google Workspace - Part 4: How to succeed in hybrid meetings with Google Meet and Companion Mode - thumbnail

Have you ever attended a hybrid meeting remotely and wondered, “Do people in the office even notice me?” It’s not a great feeling when you’re sitting in your home office, barely able to join the conversation and ultimately feeling left out. But with Google Meet and Companion Mode, remote colleagues no longer have to worry about being literally “left out” of hybrid meetings. We’ll show you what interactive features Companion Mode has in store for you.

The 11th Tools4AgileTeams – Review of THE Agile Event of the Year!

The 11th Tools4AgileTeams - THUMBNAIL

That was it – unfortunately! Once again, the Tools4AgileTeams conference, the first in the hybrid format, was over far too quickly: Over 200 people met at our headquarters in Wiesbaden and over 1900 online to discuss, share, learn about the whole spectrum of agile working… We collected some feedback and also tell you where you can watch the first sessions of this year’s T4AT. Click here and have a look back at two fantastic days!

The Best Way to Share Content in Confluence Cloud

The Best Way to Share Content in Confluence Cloud - thumbnail

The content we produce reflects our skills, attention to detail, and creativity. Which makes it easy to spot when someone’s given something a lot of effort, which usually makes that content worth reading. To grab and hold the reader’s attention is very important. That’s why we recommend using Aura for Confluence Cloud to make your content more eye-catching, so more people read it.

Linchpin Review by René Vlak of SOMO

Linchpin SOMO intranet

The Center for Research on Multinational Corporations, or SOMO, conducts research concerning the influence and practices of multinational corporations from their office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. SOMO’s corporate intranet, called SOMO Community, consists of Atlassian Confluence, the Refined Theme and the Linchpin Intranet Suite. SOMO Community was launched in January 2020. René Vlak’s video review notes the several advantages offered by Linchpin and describes how they make user workflow easier.

Screw It, We’ll Do It Illegally! – Why Not Following the Company Framework Is Not Always a Bad Thing

Lars Vollmer Mark Poppenburg T4AT screw it we'll do it illegally

Companies, especially larger ones, tend to try to streamline processes throughout the company, making use of certain tools and processes obligatory. These might foresee most problems that arise based on previous experiences, but what happens when a new, unique problem occurs that can’t be solved by the framework that has been put into place? Mark Poppenburg and Lars Vollmer have explained this at last year’s Tools4AgileTeams conference, hosted by Seibert Media.