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Cyber Security in the Cloud and the Advantages over Legacy Systems

Cyber Security in the Cloud and the Advantages over to Legacy Systems - thumbnail

In the IT departments of this world, the topic of cyber security is very high on the list of priorities. For good reason, because in the worst case scenario, digital threats can jeopardise the entire company’s ability to work. Meanwhile, more and more companies are outsourcing key security issues to cloud providers, as platforms such as Atlassian Cloud now offer reliable, scalable cyber security solutions. Not least the pandemic-related shift towards more remote and hybrid constellations has lured companies into the cloud in droves. And with it, the cyber security approach has also changed.

More Security in the Atlassian Cloud: The Credential Invalidator Protects Against Account Takeovers by Stolen Session Cookies

More security in the Atlassian Cloud: The Credential Invalidator protects against account takeovers by stolen session cookies - thumbnail

In recent months, a new trend has emerged in the criminal underground of the internet: The theft of session cookies on victims’ end devices to gain unauthorised access to all kinds of accounts, including Atlassian accounts. These session cookies are then traded and shared in criminal circles. To mitigate this risk and offer better security against this, Atlassian now runs automated monitoring with regard to stolen session cookies and invalidates them, rendering them useless to the hacker. And customers also have new tools at hand to counter this threat.

Why Cloud Workers Better Position Companies for Times of Crisis

why cloud workers better position companies for times of crisis

A study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Google provides reliable data on the extent to which remote working and working with cloud technology have arrived in companies and how they are viewed internally. This blog article focuses on Germany, as this has always been one of the more privacy-focused countries in the world. You’ll be surprised how much the cloud is actually already used or planned to be used even here!

An alternative to Office 365: How Google is positioning itself with G Suite Enterprise

Companies want flexibility, they want their software to respond more quickly to changes in their requirements, and, of course, they want cost savings. They don’t want to worry about when, how, and why their services work – they just want them to work, every time. Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing a modern cloud-based office suite, many companies don’t look at the big picture. Many who used MS Office in the past transitioned into Microsoft’s cloud suite Office 365 without evaluating it any further – or considering alternatives. If you take a closer look at the available cloud based office solutions, you’ll come up with some interesting and valuable findings. When considering which cloud based office solution is best for you and your team, it’s a good idea to rethink things, to specify what your requirements are, and then to identify objective weaknesses in your current office solution. There are viable alternatives to Office 365: most notably Google G Suite.

The frustrated son – a story of data loss and backup concepts for Atlassian products

Data loss is something that can be caused by a number of factors – from a bug to simple human error. As such it is important to have appropriate backup concepts in place. In order to deal with data loss quickly and efficiently, //SEIBERT/MEDIA offers enterprises effective backup concepts as part of its operation packages, which can be tailored to their specific requirements. These can include two-stage backups whereby your data is backed up securely and reliably.