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//SEIBERT/MEDIA’s U.S. tour – Linchpin workshops, intranet dinner, $50 selfies and more

At the Atlassian Summit 2015 in San Francisco, an entire //SEIBERT/MEDIA team presented our social intranet solution Linchpin (based on Atlassian Confluence) and made all sorts of contacts in the process. To turn these leads into project partners, our Linchpin and Atlassian consultant Eric Klein embarked on an exhausting but successful two-week tour through the U.S. last December. Here is his report.

Why do intranets grow old so fast?

Linchpin Intranet

Most employees do not use their company’s intranet. There are multiple reasons. The worst and most important is, that these intranets do not offer any significant value to their job. That’s devastating as most projects have started with different goals. Employees often describe their intranets as old and stale. This post talks about how this happens.

Why Mailto Links Should Be Avoided On Websites

Numerous internet surfers probably know the following process: you’re surfing a website and you find a link with an e-mail-address. You click on the link, which begins your odyssey-like journey through the depths of your computer. Why? Because the link leads to the whirring of your hard drive, as the mail-client installed on your computer stirs to action (or, possibly, asks to be set up) and all sorts of additional windows begin to pop open on your screen. Even though you had just been comfortably surfing through the web, now you have to master strong currents as you fight off towering waves.

How to properly escalate issues with Atlassian

Every company has individual needs regarding its internal systems, wants special features and finds bugs, that are unnoticed by other organisations, due to specific workflows. Atlassian listens to its customers and offers a variety of possibilities to report certain issues to the developer teams and to take forward the implementation. What you can do, if you want to escalate an issue, is shown here.