Linchpin and the central Linchpin components are now Confluence Data Center compatible

With the Data Center product family and thus also with Confluence Data Center, Atlassian is addressing the increasing technical requirements that large companies are placing on their internal software systems. This includes straightforward and fast scalability, high availability and performance even under heavy use and the reduction of unforeseen and planned downtime.

These are particularly important for fast-growing companies, for international organizations where systems need to be stable 24/7, and for organizations where Confluence has become a mission-critical application.

In recent weeks, our product teams have worked intensively to make our own products meet these requirements: The key components of our Confluence-based social intranet suite Linchpin are now Data Center compatible!

Custom User Profile

This app complements Confluence and Confluence-based intranets by implementing extended user profiles containing freely configurable fields. Custom User Profile is used to personalize content and functionality. It is also the basis for an organization-wide expert search and lets employees network and collaborate easily and effectively with each other.

Navigation Menu Editor

With the Navigation Menu Editor component, you can set up global top-level menus in Confluence containing navigation items to any depth, and provide a classic, user-friendly navigation option within the intranet that users are comfortable with as a result of their daily web use.

Enterprise News Bundle

News is the ultimate intranet requirement for many companies. The Enterprise News Bundle provides organizations with a sophisticated way to broadcast news not only in different formats, ranging from pure text news to video articles and bold, magazine-like presentation formats, but also in a personalized manner based on specific profile features such as location, department, language, etc.

( By the way, we've renamed Enterprise News Bundle to be Linchpin Enterprise News. Did you know it is one of the core apps in Linchpin, our Confluence-based social intranet suite?)

Microblogging für Confluence

The Microblogging app adds popular social media features to Confluence, creating a modern, streamlined platform for quick and easy centralized sharing - with a timeline, new post indicators, comments, likes, topic subscriptions and filters.

App Center

The App Center for Confluence lets users collect their individual application links in a central location in Confluence so that they can access all important tools and applications from within the system. You can control the visibility of apps for different user groups.

Easy Events

Easy Events is a lean solution for efficiently organizing a company's numerous internal events: Participants (and others) can register for events detailed on individual pages in Confluence, just like on a XING event page. Calendar and list views provide you with an overview of upcoming events.

Duplicate Content Defender

Heavily-used and large-scale Confluence instances run the risk that over time increasingly more pages with similar content at different levels of completeness and stages of development will exist. The Duplicate Content Defender can help by showing content with similar titles when creating a page, so that the user can see immediately if and which existing pages on the topic already exist.

Linchpin Theme Plugin

The customized visual design of a Confluence intranet contributes greatly to employee engagement. With the Linchpin Theme Plugin you can adapt Confluence (and even individual spaces) to match your organisation's corporate design whenever you want. Companies can flexibly edit their themes without any major technical effort to make their Confluence or Linchpin system more attractive and effective.

All of these products are now compatible with Data Center and are well prepared for the technical scaling of your social intranet. You can now easily build a Linchpin Intranet based on Confluence Data Center. It is also possible to extend your system, even if you use Confluence Data Center and only want to use specific components: The most recent versions of the apps listed above are available as separate products on the Atlassian Marketplace.

The Linchpin suite also includes products from our partners - such as Comala Workflows and the Archiving Plugin - which are now also ready for Data Center. Levente Szabo from Midori wrote a guest post about why this requirement is so important: Moving to Confluence Data Center is a job only half-done.

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