New pricing for Confluence Data Center: Significantly more cost-effective scaling

Confluence Data Center is Atlassian's Confluence deployment for clustered operations in data centers. It provides high availability, instantaneous scaling and performance while scaling with continuous performance monitoring. It meets the toughest company demands on business-critical applications. Atlassian has announced a new pricing system for Confluence Data Center.

The new pricing model

Until now, license fees for Confluence's Data Center version were calculated based on a simple model: $24,000 per year and 1,000 users.

This model in 1,000-user increments now applies only up to 5,000 users. Starting at 5,000 users, the price increments are now set in blocks of 5,000 users at $10,000 per block. The price ceiling is reached at 45,000+ accounts and $200,000 per year.

This lets Atlassian accommodate companies that begin to scale their Confluence use intensively. The details of the pricing table:

Users License costs per year
1.000 24.000 USD
2.000 48.000 USD
3.000 72.000 USD
4.000 96.000 USD
5.000 120.000 USD
10.000 130.000 USD
15.000 140.000 USD
20.000 150.000 USD
25.000 160.000 USD
30.000 170.000 USD
35.000 180.000 USD
40.000 190.000 USD
45.000+ 200.000 USD

Two simple examples show what has changed for customers. A customer with 10,000 Confluence users would have needed to invest $240,000 up until now. With the new pricing model, this investment in license fees is now only $130,000. A Data Center instance with 30,000 users would have had added $720,000 in expenses. With the new pricing model, the license fees total $170,000 USD for the same customer. That is really a significant concession for large instances.

The pricing for Jira Data Center and Stash Data Center remains unchanged.

Which target group is Confluence Data Center for?

Confluence Data Center is a high-end product that meets the highest demands on availability and performance. Companies with these high demands tend to use these systems very intensively. Intensity of use is more relevant than the total number of users when determining if Data Center is the right choice for a company.

2,000 power users who work very heavily with Confluence on a daily basis place more of a load on a Confluence instance than 50,000 occasional users. An IT company with several hundred developers who continuously document all processes and events in Confluence might need Data Center much more than a company with a large number of users who occasionally access a Confluence-based intranet to perform tasks like reading and writing comments or clicking the "Like" button.

This means a company with thousands of accounts might match the target group addressed by a Data Center deployment, but not necessarily so. On the other hand, it might well be the case that a Confluence instance is truly a key, actively-used tool for a small software company.

If you are uncertain and would like to learn more, we will gladly advise you personally.

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Additional Information

Licenses for 500-1,000 users are now available for the Data Center versions of Jira, Confluence, and Stash.
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