Codeyard: Helping You Achieve a Successful Software Development Process

Codeyard is our new product suite, specially developed for companies planning larger or very large software projects. It is a product suite of software programs and expert services, which provide both the technical and procedural infrastructure necessary to achieve a seamless and structured development workflow.

We offer Codeyard as a professional and powerful solution for quickly setting up and integrating a tailored, effective and efficient software development process, from concept to delivered product.

Codeyard is based on Atlassian products: JIRA Software (agile issue tracking), Bitbucket (Git repository management), Bamboo (CI and build server), Confluence (social collaboration platform) as well as HipChat (group communication for teams), integrated with mature add-ons and tools from third parties, including our own //SEIBERT/MEDIA developed add-ons.

All software components and services to implement Codeyard are included in the guaranteed fixed price.

In the following video, Martin Seibert introduces Codeyard and outlines the benefits of the suite:


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From zero to coding in the shortest time

The start of a development project is plagued with uncertainties — the market requirements, the new team composition (expertise and social considerations), and the technology.

The last category raises many more questions: Where do we collect and track our requirements? How do we manage our repositories? Can we establish a continuous deployment process? These questions alone can take weeks for a team to work through at the beginning of a project, without any real progress (measured by a deliverable product version).

Codeyard takes away this critical uncertainty — it provides the architecture that you need for an effective and flexible workflow. We support you with our mature tool stack from request to delivered product and with our expertise.

Of course, we know that every project is different. Therefore we are there with you every step of the way, helping you make decisions that are the best for you, and tailor the development process to meet your needs — to be the most effective and efficient process for you, your team and your project.

Advantages of choosing Codeyard

Integrated tool stack from day one: Right from the start, we provide you with a full suite of the most sophisticated and mature software development tools available. They are all integrated and work seamlessly together to take your project from concept, to requirements gathering, development and product delivery.

Tailored Configuration: We configure all of the systems and tools in Codeyard with you, to meet your specific requirements.

Optimal team communication: With Jira Software, HipChat and Confluence, your team communication is optimizes and transparent. We give your development team a comprehensive communication solution, that is deeply integrated with the software development tools.

Introduction to agile software development: We offer introductory and advanced training in agile methods (Scrum, Kanban) and connect you with our partners who can continue to support you with agile coaching.

Experienced support through the introduction of Codeyard: We have completed more than 1000 software projects and will support your team with our extensive experience through this change process.

Server or cloud: Codeyard fits with your infrastructure requirements and can be implemented as a cloud-solution or behind a firewall. If you want to host Codeyard yourself, we support your administrators with training.

Do you want to know more? Are you planning a software project and thinking about the infrastructure requirements? You can read more about our Codeyard suite in our Knowledge Base - you are most welcome to get in contact with us, we'd love to talk about your project and how you can successfully implement it!

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