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State of Developer: Autonomy is the future of software development

In the tech industry, many technical things are known about the developers who work in it: their preferred programming languages, their preferred frameworks, the most popular cloud platforms. But what is known about the less tangible aspects? Atlassian has taken a closer look at these factors with its State of Developer report.

Programmieren.de Doing Good Things Together

“Being able to program is like mastering a superpower – you can change the world with it!”
Our CEO Martin Seibert said about the same thing. And the fact is, the economy will need more and more developers in the medium and long term than ever before. We think that young people should get interested in, and inspired by this profession at an early stage.
For this reason, //SEIBERT/MEDIA created programmieren.de: We hold events every two weeks to give students experience with modular programming.