The New Linchpin Theme Plugin: Simple and Flexible Visual Configuration for Confluence

Company-wikis and social intranets need an individual design

There isn't much debate when it comes to the meaning of corporate branding. Both external and internal communication demand clean lines, if we're talking about the general image of a company. With the introduction and development of an enterprise wiki, like Confluence, the adaptation to individual corporate design can bring value to companies and, most of all, to employees.

A clear improvement of a system's usability can increase acceptance by employees and give them a sense of identity with the application and the company. Our colleague, Katja Weingärtner explains in her blog article (German) why a visual design of all means of communication (including internal communication) is more than just a frivolous luxury.

In our eyes, it's important to present readily-available, customizable solutions to our customers. Users can tailor their Confluence or Linchpin intranet to their unique specifications. With the new Linchpin Theme Plugin, you can independently change your intranet's theme. You have the flexibility to change your theme without all the technical complexity, and you can configure your Confluence or Linchpin system to be more attractive.

The new Linchpin Theme Plugin

Use different types of dashboards, add your company logo, and customize the color scheme based on your corporate design in the header area, the main menu, and with other buttons. Of course, you can also add special, customized features using CSS and JS.

Additionally, Linchpin Theme Plugin users can incorporate personalized links in the footer to more easily configure their wiki or intranet navigation. You can also switch between saved themes, thanks to the import-export function: save themes and export them, so you can quickly and easily use them again later.

In short: The new Linchpin Theme Plugin gives businesses the flexibility to customize their Confluence-based intranets anytime they want.

The Linchpin Theme Plugin is now available for download at the Atlassian Marketplace - initially free of charge.

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By the way, we've renamed Linchpin Theme Plugin to be Linchpin Theme.
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