99 Arguments for HipChat in Corporations

When we implemented Atlassian's HipChat internally, I saw it like a quantum leap, and many of my colleagues probably did as well! Yes, readers interested in physics will probably want to make me aware, that a quantum leap is something very, very small. That its resulting consequences are not even remotely noticed in our macroscopic world.

I chose this term because we transitioned to a new state very, very quickly: emails practically died and got buried overnight, overnight our internal digital communication got a lot more transparent, more efficient and leaner.

Sounds promising? Then read on! ūüėÄ We have collected 99 reasons, that speak for the implementation of HipChat in your team and in your organization - all very compact and nearly all within the length of a tweet of 140 characters.

99 reasons for HipChat in corporations

  1. Group chat is an unstoppable trend. HipChat is the strongest solution in this area.
  2. HipChat is optimized for use in organizations and is not a misused B2C tool.
  3. Many chat tools for end-users are also used in corporate contexts. HipChat focuses fully on team requirements.
  4. All HipChat features are developed to enable better collaboration and efficiency.
  5. HipChat is user friendly and easy to use.
  6. Entry barriers for HipChat are as small as small can possibly be.
  7. HipChat is a wonder weapon in the fight against internal emails.
  8. Chat rooms in HipChat are modern, efficient alternatives to decentralized email discussions, which no one can keep up with.
  9. HipChat avoids annoying emails 'to all', which aren't relevant for most recipients.
  10. Its not just only distributed teams that can work effectively and efficiently with HipChat.
  11. HipChat works like a client, web-interface or application with impressive interfaces. All data is automatically synchronized.
  12. HipChat offers open and closed chat rooms, as well as 1:1 chats.
  13. Chat rooms in HipChat are there to appropriately separate teams, topics and projects.
  14. No technical knowledge is needed to create, delete or rename HipChat rooms.
  15. A chat room in HipChat has no cap for participants, who are there to  discuss, share documents and diagrams, etc.
  16. Continuous chat rooms in HipChat allow you to retrace discussions at any time.
  17. The chat history in HipChat is completely searchable: Previous conversations are also permanently stored.
  18. In HipChat, unused rooms can be archived with just one click.
  19. Every HipChat user has a status-icon, indicating their current online availability.
  20. HipChat allows audio calls with other users, with just one click.
  21. HipChat makes high-resolution video calls with other users possible.
  22. No tool- and context-change is needed for 1:1 video calls; one click in HipChat starts the video function.
  23. With HipChat, users can share their screen with other users in a video call with just one click (desktop sharing).
  24. As an alternative to the mouse, there are efficient keyboard shortcuts for the most important functions.
  25. HipChat offers simple slash commands for various actions, so that your hands never have to leave the keyboard.
  26. There is a slash command to correct typing errors in your last post.
  27. HipChat announces new messages in an opened chat room with visual messages and sounds.
  28. Notifications can be configured separately for each room in HipChat. Individual noise levels are controllable.
  29. In HipChat, themes, brightness and text density can be changed according to personal preference.
  30. Users have various options to set the display according to their own wishes (Avatar, display of user name, ...)
  31. To include other users in a discussion, they can be addressed directly with @ mentions.
  32. HipChat automatically suggests all users that are active in a room, when the @ sign is typed in.
  33. If a user is mentioned in any room, HipChat automatically informs them and invites the user to the room, even if they have never entered it before.
  34. In HipChat you will never miss a mention. If you are offline, you receive an email notification.
  35. Unread messages are marked with another colour.
  36. You can use one HipChat client for more accounts.
  37. HipChat has a lot of original and funny emoticons. Who says digital exchanges can't be fun?
  38. HipChat allows the input of your own emoticons. An emoticon can be created in a minute.
  39. Emoticons in HipChat add to user enjoyment and can lead to stronger employee utilization.
  40. There are various bots for HipChat that are fun, but that also make valuable contributions, such as the Standup Bot.
  41. HipChat supports the popular GIF animations. Users can also deactivate their display in the settings.
  42. HipChat supports the sharing of screenshots: You can take a screenshot and drag it directly into the text field; it does not need to be saved locally.
  43. In HipChat, locally stored pictures and files can be shared with the team: drag & drop to the chat window, done.
  44. Pictures are shown as a clickable preview in HipChat rooms. Advantage: Files are shown in the context of a chat-conversation.
  45. In HipChat, shared documents are part of the chat history and traceable with the search function.
  46. HipChat allows the integration of other services. This way, notifications from third party systems can be shown in HipChat rooms and discussed directly, where applicable.
  47. There are hundreds of useful integrations for HipChat, from Asana to Zendesk. And more are added every day.
  48. The integration of third-party tools into HipChat is smooth and avoids the constant switching of tabs and applications.
  49. Notifications from blogs and social media can easily be integrated into HipChat rooms (RSS, Facebook, Twitter, ...).
  50. HipChat loves multimedia, and supports YouTube and other video services.
  51. HipChat is not tacked on to Atlassian products as an afterthought, it is deeply integrated.
  52. HipChat integrates notifications from Bitbucket, Bamboo, Jenkins, GitHub and many other developer tools.
  53. The linkage is so deep, that there is a HipChat panel in JIRA for each event that creates context.
  54. Development teams can make their entire pipeline visible in HipChat rooms and stay up-to-date at all times.
  55. Teams can automatically broadcast messages from specific Confluence spaces in HipChat rooms.
  56. HipChat can assist support teams with all the little tasks, for which tickets and workflows are unnecessary.
  57. HipChat can help in turning DevOps into efficient ChatOps.
  58. Due to the deep linkage between JIRA Service Desk and HipChat, efficiency and transparency in support teams increases.
  59. HipChat has an effective REST API interface for developers.
  60. You can integrate your own legacy systems into HipChat.
  61. Mobile HipChat apps for iOS and Android are sleek, modern and efficient.
  62. Establishing a connection with HipChat is fast, messages are displayed quickly, and scrolling works perfectly.
  63. HipChat user- and room-lists update instantaneously.
  64. When opening the HipChat app, priority can be given to either a current room or 1:1 chats for even faster access (VIP status).
  65. Users of the HipChat mobile app can receive push notifications of @ mentions and new messages in 1:1 chats.
  66. HipChat offers numerous personalization options (brightness, font size, file preview: yes or no?)
  67. Via secured guest access, HipChat allows the inclusion of external persons (customers, partners, etc.)
  68. You can integrate HipChat into websites in just a few minutes and consequently offer users direct contact via chats.
  69. Employees like and need group chats and instant messaging. Without HipChat you will juggle unstructured diverse (problematic) alternatives.
  70. HipChat avoids data protection nightmares, which arise  when teams use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, ...
  71. Messaging = Messaging? If you look closer, you will quickly notice conceptional and functional differences that set HipChat apart from the rest.
  72. HipChat's Enterprise Readiness is very high.
  73. HipChat can be run in your own infrastructure, behind a firewall.
  74. Data on HipChat servers is secure.
  75. Big companies want to own and control their data - people can continue to talk about the cloud. HipChat makes this possible.
  76. With HipChat you can roll out a group chat tool, which meets all compliance policies, instead of working with uncontrollable SaaS tools.
  77. HipChat can be added to existing user directories, without any problems.
  78. Thanks to HipChat, chat users and authorizations can be managed systematically.
  79. HipChat servers allow you to store and export all data: Admins can export chat histories, as well as attachments.
  80. Simple deployment: The HipChat server is virtual, and supports VMWare and Amazon Web Services.
  81. With just one click, the HipChat server is able to update itself and install all newly released features.
  82. HipChat is easy to implement. Employees are rarely sceptical and seldom resist.
  83. Activation of employees during rollout is mostly unproblematic.
  84. Evaluation of HipChat is simple. An online instance is ready in seconds. There are no arguments against a test.
  85. Anxiety to touch HipChat doesn't exist in corporations. Every user knows chats and IM from personal usage.
  86. HipChat is a tool your employees enjoy using.
  87. HipChat's basic version is free to use, even for professional use in corporations.
  88. The costs of HipChat Plus and HipChat Server are transparent and moderate, compared with competing tools.
  89. HipChat is scalable and remains efficient and stable even with thousands of users.
  90. HipChat is cool and gets cooler by the day: Further development of the software happens non-stop.
  91. HipChat increases efficiency in team telecommunications.
  92. HipChat means central collaboration in real time.
  93. HipChat helps to avoid annoying all members of a team when someone only needs to get in touch with one person.
  94. HipChat isn't just a tool for collaboration, but also a digital grapevine that supports a company's informal structure.
  95. HipChat sets an important foundation for higher productivity.
  96. With HipChat, employees are always connected - within the team and across teams, as well as with other important applications.
  97. HipChat allows people to connect in real time, across different locations and countries.
  98. HipChat is a positive makeover for the organizational part of a corporation.
  99. HipChat has the potential to become a sustainable organisational system for internal communication.

Let's stop here.  If you have read until this point, you hopefully have a desire to take a closer look at HipChat with your team.  As mentioned, this is very simple. A web instance is quickly created at HipChat.com. And I can't think of anything, that would speak against giving this cool, extremely useful tool a go.

Are you already successfully using HipChat and have a suggestion for argument #100?  Just let us know!

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Do you have a questions regarding Atlassian's HipChat? Would you like to test HipChat as a cloud- or server-version or license it immediately? Do you need help integrating it into your system environment? //SEIBERT/MEDIA is one of the biggest Atlassian Platinum Experts worldwide.  We are happy to support you in all aspects concerning the implementation and productive usage of HipChat: advice, licensing, integration, support. Just get in touch!

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