New customization options in Atlassian HipChat

HipChat is Atlassian's chat and IM service for fast and easy communication within teams and beyond. HipChat offers a valuable platform for efficiently exchanging information in real time to spread-out teams. A team might be considered "spread out" if its members are sitting ten yards from each other at the office. Atlassian is now ready to roll-out new features for HipChat, which result in more freedom and customization options for users.

Control the sound level based on chat rooms

If someone posts a message in an open chatroom, HipChat’s default signal is a visual notification accompanied by a sound. When a lot of chatrooms are open and communication is lively, this can quickly turn into an unpleasant and distracting ruckus. Up until now, it has only been possible to globally set which notifications HipChat alerts users to (all messages or only when mentioned directly).

It is now considerably more granular because HipChat offers the option to configure messages for each chatroom independently and control the individual sound level. For example, does a user want to be notified in a team chatroom of all posts but in other open chatrooms only be notified when there are @mentions? This can be set with a few clicks.


This feature is currently in beta and has so far only been available on the web app. It will likely remain in the desktop client version once it is finalized.

Visual customization

There are customization options for the appearance of HipChat that users can set themselves. Theme brightness and text density are adjustable, avatars can be shown or hidden, and users can be displayed with their user name or real name.


Users have the option to design HipChat to their visual preference and can do this with a few clicks and without having access to administrative functions. This feature is also in the beta stage and has so far not been available to clients.

Custom emoticons for everyone

Custom emoticons are now available for everyone. Users can upload their own emoticons for their group without having admin rights. Now it's no longer necessary to go to an administrator and ask them to configure new emoticons. Users can now do this on their own.

And admins don't need to worry about giving up too much control. Non-admins can upload images by default as well, but this feature can be globally deactivated at any time. Also, administrators can delete all custom emoticons.

HipChat supports PNG, JPG and GIF image formats (even animated GIFs) up to 2 MB and with a minimum resolution of 30 pixels. HipChat scales the image to different sizes (4x, 3x, 2x, and 1x) to ensure good picture quality for current and future (retina) resolutions.


It can't be said any other way: HipChat is getting cooler and cooler! Teams benefit not only from fast communication and coordination. Its sleekness, user-friendliness and many options make it a joy to work with. Let's just hope the new features are quickly implemented for clients as well.

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