JIRA 6.4: HipChat Integration, better Release Management, Workflow-Validator and more

Atlassian has come out with version 6.4 of it's tracking and project management system JIRA. Lately, the JIRA team has not only been focussing on new functions, but also on integration with other Atlassian products and a continuous optimization and user friendliness. Take a look at the latest updates in JIRA 6.4:

HipChat Integration

The most notable feature is the deep integration of JIRA and HipChat. JIRA projects can be linked with HipChat rooms and project information (status updates, issue transitions) can automatically be displayed in the team room. It can be defined with a few clicks which information that should be. In one of our recent blog posts we talked about the JIRA Hipchat integration in more detail.

JIRA 64 HipChat

New versioning page with 'Release Hub'

The versioning page was completely redone. It offers a “Release Hub”, which pulls information from JIRA and connected dev tools in order to significantly simplify release management. Instead of laboriously digging through issues, commits and pull requests, product managers can see the progress of a release in one spot, identify any problems early on and define what needs to be delivered.

JIRA 64 Versionen

JIRA 64 Versionen 2

Workflow Validator

JIRA 6.4 is equipped with a workflow validator. It assures that a status which doesn't allow a transition or which cannot be exited are not included in the creation or import of a workflow. It will be especially useful for comprehensive and complex workflows.

JIRA 64 Workflow Validator

New Sidebar

The JIRA team continuously works on optimizing the JIRA interface. Version 6.4 gives a preview of what we can expect. JIRA now has a sidebar which allows users to quickly and directly access project information. It supports efficient work, especially when using JIRA Agile. The sidebar also includes project shortcuts: links to online resources that are shared with all users who have access to the project.

JIRA 64 Sidebar

Improvements in Performance

The new JIRA is more performant than ever. These improvements are visible when creating and editing issues, selecting and viewing projects, and determining editors or groups. Especially big JIRA instances with many projects and issues will benefit from the performance optimization.

Disaster Recovery for JIRA Data Center

For companies where JIRA is a mission critical application, Atlassian offers Data Center Deployment for clustered JIRA use in  data center.  JIRA Data Center 6.4 allows customers to configure a cold single or multi node standby site at a geographically distant location. This feature allows you access to JIRA even in case of a large infrastructural downtime.

We are your JIRA partner

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