Atlassian introduces JIRA HipChat integration: real-time communication for agile teams

With JIRA 6.4, Atlassian will be shipping a JIRA HipChat integration. Information will be more easily accessible to teams in realtime. Chatrooms can be created for different projects while choosing which JIRA notifications are broadcast.

Immediate access to relevant information

In most projects, time is of the essence to move forward. With the new HipChat integration, project managers choose which JIRA notifications they want to publish in the HipChat room corresponding to their project or team in real-time. Time-sensitive information is thus readily available for your team.

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Choose which notifications to receive

Avoid information overload by making use of the advanced filtering options to choose which information you would like to receive. In JIRA you can specify to only be notified about “high priority issues”, and that's what you will be receiving in HipChat.

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Connect with your team from anywhere

Geographic location is no longer an obstacle for teams. Remote team members can access HipChat in real-time from web, desktop, mobile clients, and more.

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Get started with a single click 

You don't even need assistance from your JIRA administrator. Simply link your JIRA project with a HipChat room with a single click and customize notifications.

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