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InstaPrinta 2.0: Now with full Integration in JIRA Agile

In a previous article, we have introduced the InstaPrinta by //SEIBERT/MEDIA and the functions of the JIRA plugin. Our JIRADev team has now released InstaPrinta 2.0 and we would like to dive a bit deeper into the actual features. InstaPrinta is a JIRA plugin for printing issues directly from JIRA and JIRA Agile on handy card format (i.e. DIN A6). Individual and various issues can be sent to the printer and saved as a PDF. In JIRA, issue view and issue search are extended by a menu item, that offers a choice to print or create a PDF.

There’s life in paper yet: The InstaPrinta prints customized JIRA tickets for analog boards

The paper-less office was meant to banish all paper from the office. In agile teams, however, this does not apply and this is where InstaPrinta comes in. Admittedly, a tool like Atlassian’s JIRA is a great way to manage tasks. However, in day-to-day work, a digital Agile Board in JIRA does not have the same presence as a large magnet board right in the center a team office that is full of task notes. At a glance, every team member knows what needs to be done and who is working on what. Furthermore, the magnet board contains numerous additional sections like an improvement board, a skill matrix, an absence calendar and more. This makes the analog board the central “cockpit” for all information relevant to the teams.