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Templating.App – Data Residency Support for Jira Now Supports Local Data Storage

Templating.app - Data Residency Support for Jira now supports local data storage - thumbnail

For some time now, Atlassian has offered the “Data Residency” feature for its cloud solutions: This option gives your organization control over where exactly your data is stored and processed. But what about the marketplace apps that extend Jira, Confluence & Co. beyond the standard and open up a wide range of additional use cases? If the main product, such as Jira, supports local data residency, but your apps transfer the data to locations all over the world, key compliance challenges remain. The good news for all Jira admins: Templating.app for Jira now supports local data residency, which means it is now possible to set the preferred hosting location for your data (such as the USA) for the app too!