Onboarding 2.0 or: How Newbies Can Quickly Hit the Ground Running with Linchpin Hey

The world is changing - and so is the way people work together. Even before the pandemic, it was clear how important it is for employees to have positive social experiences in their working environment. It is also very important to feel part of a community in which people enjoy working together and meeting each other as equals.

With Linchpin Hey, we are reinterpreting the term "social intranet" and putting the focus on social interaction. This means that with Linchpin Hey we are offering easier possibilities for socializing and are opening up ways for you to share information transparently. In this and eight other blog articles, we will tell you more about the useful features of Linchpin Hey. With this in mind:

Welcome aboard!

Imagine the following situation for a moment: It's your first day at work in your new company. Your colleagues have probably already given you a warm welcome, shown you around and given you a tour of your new workplace. It is increasingly important nowadays to be digitally “among people” as more and more people work when and where it's best for their daily schedule. Maybe you no longer work from the office, but from home, in a co-working space or at another location of your choice. That's why digital onboarding is essential alongside traditional on-site onboarding. In this blog article, we'll show you how this can work: Welcome to Linchpin Hey!

onboarding 2.0 - how newbies can hit the ground running with linchpin hey - welcome aboard

Nice to meet you

With the onboarding assistant, your first steps in Linchpin Hey are as easy as can be: Your new colleagues will be grateful if you make it easier for them to search for and find you and figure out where you belong within the company with the help of Linchpin Hey. Therefore, provide them with some basic information about yourself!
First, you can fill in your profile with your name, your team and your work location. The next step is to enter your job title. And so that the people you work with in the company also have a face to go with your name, the onboarding assistant asks you for a profile picture. Convenient: If you decide to use your Google account to log in, your profile picture is automatically adopted.

onboarding 2.0 - how newbies can hit the ground running with linchpin hey - show your face

Show what you've got

Let's move on to your skills. Let your colleagues know what skills you have and how well you master them. Can you work your magic in Photoshop, are you good at Business English or do you teach autogenic training? That's great! That's exactly what you can tell everyone in your profile. The more precisely you describe your knowledge and skills, the more you help your company. For example, you and your colleagues can use the search function to quickly and easily find experts in the company in case you have a specific problem that needs to be solved.

onboarding 2.0 - how newbies can hit the ground running with linchpin hey - add skills

As unique as you

Besides work, you should never lose sight of the human aspect! And since every person is unique, Linchpin Hey offers you the opportunity to express yourself the way you want to. You may have already taken a funny selfie in the previous step, and you can also freely configure the header area in your profile, perhaps with a photo that you associate with something special.

There's only one thing missing: In the last onboarding step, you can optionally tell your crew what you like to do in your free time. With the help of intelligent suggestions, Linchpin Hey makes it easy to find people in your company who have similar skills and interests to you - but more on that later. Once you've filled in all the fields, you can complete the onboarding wizard.

onboarding 2.0 - how newbies can hit the ground running with linchpin hey - hobbies etc

Welcome to Linchpin Hey

Linchpin Hey will be your digital, social meeting place at work right from the start. Many individual components combine to create a comprehensive solution that strengthens social relationships in the workplace, stimulates creativity and innovation, and enables transparent collaboration.

You can already see some of these components on your dashboard. You will quickly notice that these and many other functions in Linchpin Hey are tailored to you and your needs and bring all people in the company closer together. This creates a strong sense of belonging.

The sidebar gives you access to all the functions of Linchpin Hey that are also available on your dashboard. In addition to the latest news, you can find current posts and upcoming events here. The area on the right is reserved for personal recommendations and suggestions. But one step at a time. Now it's time to introduce yourself in detail to your colleagues!

In the next part of our series of articles on the features of Linchpin Hey, we will introduce you to the news - news from the whole company that can be set so that you only get to read the ones that are really relevant to you. Stay tuned, we look forward to seeing you!

See for yourself

You can find an overview of all existing and upcoming features in our Knowledge Base. We are constantly working on new functions and offers for Linchpin Hey. Are you still missing something? Then take a look at our product roadmap. We'll be happy to show you the system in person, present our future plans and take the opportunity to answer your questions. It couldn't be easier. You can arrange a free demo appointment here.

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