Linchpin Hey – A new name and the path to a personalized social intranet

Linchpin Cloud Becomes Linchpin Hey

With Linchpin Hey, we're finally giving our cloud-based social intranet its own identity. The solution, which was previously overshadowed by its big sister Linchpin Intranet Suite, has grown into a social intranet in its own right, enabling completely new and innovative forms of social interaction in companies. 


Linchpin Hey stands for collaboration at eye level that feels good, is fun, and motivates. Linchpin Hey activates and motivates people to share and communicate in a personal way. 

Close up and at eye level!

Our public and free beta phase has been running for about a year. Many of our customers are already part of it and are thus contributing to the further development of the product. 

With our Early Adopters Program, we are now going one step further. Together with 10 selected interested parties, we would like to shape the future of modern intranet solutions. As part of our Early Adopter Program, we will provide you with a personal Linchpin Hey environment tailored to your needs and ready to get your focus group primed to use the system.

Our intranet experts and product teams will work with you to develop further requirements for your innovative intranet solution and help plan the implementation of your feature requests in the product roadmap.

Take your chance and secure one of the 10 places in our Early Adopters Program now

New features and improvements in performance and UI

User profiles 

On the topic of user profiles, we have already covered the first meters of altitude toward personalization and have implemented some basic fields. Besides the birthday field and a date field for company entry, there are now a role field and a location field for location specification. 

The information we currently query is validated and used to learn more about colleagues. Later we will use the profile data intelligently to broadcast personalized information and connect users interactively. 


Image files can now be uploaded in posts and in comments. This works in web as well as in mobile. Also, links in posts are automatically detected; this even includes rendering YouTube links. 


Stories, which can be created via the mobile app, are still popular, but we have made some UX improvements here. 


The Notification Center now allows users to set which notifications they want to receive and through which channels. There is a distinction between pings (in-app), emails, and push messages.

And what else? 

In addition to the big features already mentioned, there are also a few optimizations to mention: 

  • AutoSave for news drafts has been followed up. 
  • Images are now loaded faster on mobile
  • The privacy policy has been made more understandable

A look into the future 

What's next in the coming months? In terms of personalization, we've set ourselves some big goals, which we're continuing to pursue, especially our work on user profiles. This includes a profile completion assistant as well as profile gadgets. Here, profile data will be used to display relevant information (e.g., on the dashboard), like when a colleague has a birthday or anniversary or when a new colleague has joined the company.


In addition, we are working on expansion of the phone book, searches within the system, and profile data import from Microsoft Azure. 

We have summarized the details in our roadmap

Questions and contact

Try Linchpin Hey for yourself free of charge: The solution is available free of charge in the form of a web app and a mobile app.

Would you like to learn more about Linchpin Hey or the Linchpin Intranet Suite for Atlassian Data Center? We would be happy to talk to you about your requirements and use cases and invite you to a demo appointment. Just get in touch with us!

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