Social Interaction 2.0 – Linchpin Hey, the Social Intranet, Makes It Possible

The year is 2022. For about two years, a worldwide pandemic has been on everyone's minds. It has drastically changed the way many people shape their work-life and how it makes them feel. Managers are faced with many new challenges and are trying to find solutions that work not only at the individual level, but also at the team and company level as a whole. This article focuses on two current pain points - flexibility and the sense of belonging in the workplace.

Although companies have to overcome many obstacles because of the pandemic, there are now opportunities for new forms of social interaction. Today, we'll introduce you to the opportunities offered by the Linchpin Hey social intranet.

Management report made by Atlassian

We all know that Corona has changed the world of work and is still changing it. But what does this change look like in concrete numbers? Software giant Atlassian surveyed more than 6,000 workers from six countries in both 2020 and 2021 to find out how they feel and what they expect from the future of work. The results point to two relevant needs that are constantly changing. If employers know about these needs, they can gain a significant edge in the market.

The yearning for flexibility

The flexibility to work from home or other locations has become a high commodity in times of lockdowns (and beyond). In fact, 74% of respondents expressed a desire to maintain flexible working conditions. But only 40% have this wish fulfilled by their employers.

Social Intranet Atlassian Study Flexibility


This can have fatal consequences for companies. If more and more employees leave rigid companies, then employers who give their employees freedom in terms of location and time suddenly have an advantage in recruiting.

Searching for a sense of belonging

Compared to 2020, fewer respondents feel that they belong in their companies. The experience of team cohesion is also declining. As an employer, it is not easy to maintain the corporate culture when everyone works outside the office.

Social Intranet Atlassian study sense of belonging graph


It pays to strengthen personal connections within the company and, in turn, the corporate culture. As a manager, now more than ever is the time to shape the work environment - whether analog or digital - so that the workforce can work together in an engaging way. And from that, an adaptable and sustainable business can then emerge.

A new form of social collaboration

Following their survey, Atlassian concluded that more emphasis should be placed on the people in an organization. The task of creating flexibility and belonging in an era when employees work in different places at different hours is long overdue. And the results of the study show that it is worth paying attention to these points.

The problem is now well known, but how can the issue be addressed? Linchpin Hey allows employees to come together and grow, even in the digital age. It's your company's social meeting place, which you can use to strengthen social exchange, creativity and innovation.

Clear the stage for communication features

Social Intranet Linchpin Hey Features

Linchpin Hey is our brand new Social Intranet for the cloud. It offers detailed profiles, news and posts, which are complemented by features that you know from other social media platforms: profile widgets that remind you of anniversaries or birthdays, but also the "HeyFives", that display cool greetings, compliments or good wishes on the Dashboard of your colleague. For more communication and even more appreciative togetherness (even when not everyone is in the same place)! Click the button to find out more and convince yourself:

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