SAFe with Atlassian tools: Agile Hive is a Scaled Agile Platform Partner

Large products require scaled processes

In a software company where products have grown to a size that far exceeds the capacity of a single team, you need to think about how agile processes, coordination and management can be scaled.

Scrum, Kanban and their hybrids are still wonderful ways to support feature development in individual (temporarily isolated) modules of the software. But when all modules have to be brought together and considered as a whole, when diverse teams are involved in the development of an integrated software solution, when a close cross-team or even company-wide collaboration is necessary, then you have outgrown Scrum.

This is where methodologies such as the Scaled Agile Framework SAFe provide ways to scale your agile processes.

SAFe supported by software

To support our internal Linchpin development teams, we have successfully adopted various SAFe elements and established an overarching and transparent collaboration process. For some time now, one of our teams has been working intensively with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) looking at how it can be integrated into the Atlassian ecosystem using Jira and Confluence.

The result? Agile Hive - SAFe with Atlassian tools. Our market-ready product was developed in collaboration with Kegon, Germany's leading SAFe experts.

Agile Hive is the solution for implementing the Scaled Agile Framework to scale your agile organization and processes, based on your existing Atlassian infrastructure, Jira and Confluence. Agile Hive fulfills the prerequisites for a successful scaled implementation by providing you with the software tools and functionality you need.

Scaled Agile Platform Partner

We are very familiar with SAFe: The framework is firmly established in our own software development process. And we are the developers of a modern software solution to support our customers in their SAFe transitions.

Therefore, we are very pleased to announce that we are a certified Scaled Agile Platform Partner with Agile Hive! This status is granted exclusively by Scaled Agile, Inc. which defines the Scaled Agile Framework SAFe.

Our Agile Hive solution is now officially accredited. In addition, we are now members of the worldwide SAFe Partner network. We are looking forward to bringing the insights we gain from others in this network back into Agile Hive.

We are delighted about this and will continue to be a competent, strong partner for our customers when it comes to implementing SAFe based on a modern software infrastructure!

SAFe with Atlassian-Tools: Try Agile Hive today!

Do you want to learn more about Agile Hive and how software can help you implement SAFe in your company? We'd love to discuss the requirements for agile project management across your entire enterprise with you, and demonstrate how Agile Hive works in a personal demonstration. Contact us today!

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