Our new use case and app library for Atlassian apps

The Atlassian Marketplace is huge. There are hundreds of developers offering thousands of apps on the platform for all imaginable scenarios. And finding the right solution on it is not so simple when it comes to specific problems and applications.

To provide you with an overview, we have selected and compiled well-developed app solutions for use cases which customers always ask us about. The result is the new use case library in our knowledge base.//SEIBERT/MEDIA's Atlassian app use case library

Use cases for Confluence and Jira

As a start, we have listed apps for specific Jira and Confluence use cases and presented each in concise form. We are working on a similar app overview for both Bitbucket and Bamboo.

Are you looking for solutions to set up a professional quality management system? We have suitable app suggestions for you. Want to use Jira for timetracking too? Our use case library offers handy recommendations.

Useful information with details of specific functions, screenshots and license prices is also available for a variety of products. We are currently working on compiling background information on all apps so that you make your decisions based on our comprehensive reviews.

Are you still missing the information you need? Then talk to us. We’ll happily publish additional information and, of course, would be delighted to advise you personally. Perhaps you have a specific challenge not yet covered by our use case library? Tell us about it and we’ll find product suggestions for you.

Licensing of all apps

You can license all apps in the use case library (and all other apps available on the Atlassian Marketplace) directly through us. We follow the standard process for doing this:. You’ll receive a written offer, and upon acceptance we will supply you with your license(s). You can pay via a good old-fashioned invoice instead of using your credit card on the internet. And there are even more advantages to buying licenses through //SEIBERT/MEDIA – including a ten percent discount.

If a product takes your fancy, you have the option of putting it through its paces obligation free. We will get you a free test code immediately. When you evaluate the app, what if it doesn’t quite meet your expectations? No problem: we’ll suggest alternatives.

Finding solutions fast

Through our use case library, we seek to offer you an efficient collection where you can evaluate your options for a specific use case in your organization before implementing anything. Our selection guarantees that you won’t be wasting time on under-developed or obsolete solutions - you will only find those products which we ourselves would genuinely use.

As we said, we want to expand the portal and continually update it with comprehensive product descriptions, additional use cases and new apps. Keep an eye out for our regular updates. There is a practical subscription function in the top right corner of the overview pages. Whenever we add new content, you will be notified automatically by email.

Head over to our new use case library, and let us know what you think of it!

We are your Atlassian partner!

Want to start or extend your Atlassian tool stack? Looking for customized solutions for your business communications using Atlassian software? Got questions about technical or organizational issues? As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and one of the world’s most experienced experts, we would be glad to assist you with any aspect of the Australian software developer’s full product portfolio. Contact us, obligation free.

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