Linchpin Intranet: Most Important Features at a Glance

An elevator pitch to take with you

Linchpin is our Confluence-based social intranet solution. Our teams work continuously and intensively on the components of this suite. New features are added, existing features are expanded, and Linchpin will always meet the enterprise requirements of our customers.

Since we are on the road quite often - of course with customers and prospective customers, like at CeBit in Hanover, and soon in Barcelona at Atlassian Summit Europe - we thought we should provide some new marketing material, especially as some of our previous publications were produced at the last minute.

The flyer is an indispensable classic, which is still important in today's world. It is short, sweet, and to the point - giving customers a good introduction. This type of small project is invaluable to marketing teams as it makes them focus: What is really important for customers? What is great and helpful, but not a core feature? And how can we present this concisely? As a visual elevator pitch. ?

Here is our new Linchpin flyer, where you can see all the important features with a glance.

Linchpin Flyer

Download this Linchpin flyer as a PDF (3.5MB) 

Would you like to receive some printed copies to display or hand out to colleagues? Please contact us: We will gladly send you some!

Social intranet with Confluence

Are you interested in using Confluence as the foundation for your intranet? Do you want to extend your existing platform to include additional and very useful enterprise features? Linchpin is a mature solution that extends Confluence to be a fully-functional social intranet suite. You can find detailed information about features, functionality, advantages and prices on our Linchpin website.

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