Linchpin Touch: Intranet Throughout Your Entire Organization

After a successful pilot project, companies naturally want to roll out their new intranet to all employees. In cases where all employees sit in front of computers, the right strategies can result in an effective and efficient company-wide launch.

But what about more industrial companies and classical manufacturers? In these organizations, a substantial number of employees don't even have their own computer. Instead, they spend their entire day on the production floor. These people are usually the last to know about such corporate initiatives.

Linchpin TouchA touch screen intranet for all

We are developing a Touch theme for our Confluence-based intranet suite Linchpin, to display the intranet's content on a large touch screen — like the FlexTouch from our Swiss Colleagues Rentouch.

Such large touch screens can make the intranet accessible throughout the entire company: You have the ability to display information from the intranet, customized by the location of the display - such as content from various Linchpin news channels.

The best thing is that the information is not just statically displayed, but people can interact with it via touch gestures like they already use on their smartphones and tablets: They can use the navigation bar, zoom into areas on the screen, etc.

Administration is easy and time-saving, you don't have to individually maintain and update each separate display. After the once-off configuration, the information from the intranet is constantly updated.

Where would you use Linchpin Touch? Obviously, each company has different requirements. Good locations include the canteen, entrance areas or near elevators, and why not in the factory itself? Wherever employees walk by and have a couple of minutes to catch up on the intranet news.

Companies can therefore reach their employees who don't have their own workstations, and provide them with the ability to quickly read and engage with information from the intranet. With Linchpin Touch, you can reach many more employees and keep them well informed.

Linchpin Touch demonstration video

In this short demonstration video, we explore Linchpin Touch and show how you can use it:


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Want to trial a prototype in your organization?

We are actively developing "Linchpin Touch", currently in its beta phase. Are you an existing Linchpin customer who would like to see what you can achieve with this implementation? Would you like to trial a prototype or enter into a sponsored development partnership? If you are interested, please contact us!

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