Atlassian Summit 2016: Important News and Announcements from the Keynote

Atlassian Summit 2016 KeynoteThe Atlassian Summit is the largest annual user conference run by the Australian software developer – more than 3,200 participants are attending this year. The opening keynote Innovation in Team Collaboration by co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes and other leaders at Atlassian has just finished.

This keynote is traditionally where the largest changes and new features across the Atlassian product range are announced. We were right there, of course, and can now give you the most important news.

Confluence 6 with simultaneous editing is available

It started with development in 2014, and finally it has arrived: Atlassian delivers Confluence 6 in this month, allowing pages to be edited simultaneously by multiple users. This is a huge step towards true synchronous collaboration when developing content. Changes are only seen by the users who are actually editing the page. Readers first see the changes after the page has been saved. Cloud-based customers can use this feature immediately. The Confluence mobile app is also now available on Android.

Kanplan in JIRA Software

Kanplan has been in beta-testing in JIRA software for some time. Now Kanplan boards have backlogs, combining the benefits of both Scrum and Kanban, without adding any processing overhead. The JIRA mobile app now includes boards, and is available on Android.

JIRA Service Desk for traditional customer service

Until now, JIRA Service Desk had focused on internal IT service teams. Now it also explicitly caters to support teams providing services to external customers. It includes localization functions for emails, company branding of emails, triggers for automatic customer notifications, instant video sharing between agents and customers, and more. The newcomer to the Atlassian family, StatusPage, is integrated with JIRA Service Desk to provide real-time status information to third parties.

Updated HipChat integrations

After presenting the new integration of JIRA and HipChat, we saw HipChat working with Confluence, Bitbucket and StatusPage. All external information is presented in a separate sidebar on the right hand side. There are a wide variety of filters available within Confluence, JIRA information is updated in real-time, and more. This was an impressive update!

AWS for Data Center products

Companies using Atlassian's Data Center system will soon have much more flexibility over deployment. Amazon now offers native support for AWS deployment of the Data Center products. That means customers can benefit from the auto-scaling functionality, amongst other things. It was also interesting to see that Data Center products have been extended with performance testing tools, and SAML 2.0 is now supported for authentication. HipChat is going to be integrated with the Data Center family of products, with a beta version announced for November.

Atlassian Home was announced

A cross-product integration across all Atlassian products was always on the cards. A team lead by Sherif Mansour is currently working on a platform to allow system-wide access to and use of all Atlassian resources from one location. It includes a cross-product search, status information about all involved users, real-time updating of all information, and more. From what we could see in the keynote, this looked fantastic! Atlassian invites customers to apply to participate in their closed beta test.

That's the first lot of news from the packed keynote. We'll add more detailed information on all topics and product updates in future blog posts – keep an eye out for more! ?

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