Meet the Team at the Atlassian Summit 2016, Receive a Voucher for Atlassian Merchandise

Do you create a large number of diagrams in your team or company? Are you attending the Atlassian Summit 2016 in San José? If you answered yes to both questions, then I have an interesting opportunity for you.

In the photo below, you can see Gaudenz Alder, one of the founders of JGraph and developer of, and Inga Koreng, responsible for Marketing for is available as a Confluence add-on, which supports versioned and fully integrated diagrams of all types, and diagram editing from within Confluence. Gaudenz Alder - Atlassian Summit 2016   img_6675

Gaudenz and Inga answered "yes" to the two questions above, and will be part of the ten-member delegation from //SEIBERT/MEDIA at the Atlassian Summit on the 11 - 13 October. As you can see in the photo, Gaudenz and Inga are holding a voucher for $20 worth of Atlassian swag, which can be redeemed in the Atlassian Swag Store.

Gaudenz and Inga will be handing out 50 vouchers to people who meet and speak with them and their colleague, David Benson, at the summit - a small incentive to drop by and learn more about diagramming and visualization with

If you would like a more intensive introduction and demonstration, contact us so we can make an appointment. Gaudenz, Inga and David will then show you in operation, and discuss with you the applications, various customer use cases, and the advantages and disadvantages of when compared to similar tools. Whoever fills out the following form, will definitely receive a voucher!
[Note: The form no longer exists]

This is how you can kill three birds with one stone: Learn about, the best and most powerful web-based diagramming software for businesses, get to know the founders, and receive a small gift.

What can you get for $20? The range of products in the Atlassian Swag Shop isn't overly large, but they are all certainly quality products. You could get one of several cool t-shirts, like the awesome Angry Nerds, or perhaps a baseball cap, a couple of beer glasses or four bottle openers. ?

Our colleagues are looking forward to giving away these vouchers.

By the way: the codes on the vouchers that Gaudenz and Inga are holding in the photo above, are real and valid. Two lucky readers have the chance to redeem it in the Atlassian Swag Shop. Try it, and you might just get in first!

And in case someone got in before you, come and pick up a voucher in person at the summit.

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Linchpin & Partner Info Session in San José 2016

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