An Unexpected Journey – The Adventure Begins! ( Adventures in Diagramming, Part 1)

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We recently announced that we would like to take you into the world of high fantasy, RPG (role-playing games) and magic - garnished with one or two helpful tips for game masters on how to use diagrams in all colors and shapes (and thus in an ongoing adventure. The story will be presented in segments and regularly posted here on our blog - we'd love to have you join us!

So let's now follow the tracks of a team of disparate heroines and heroes (any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental!) who, as forces of good, have to overcome many challenges ...

The adventure - "This is where the story begins"

It is a cold and cloudy day in Austin, Texas, like any other day - a light breeze is blowing through the streets past the entrance to Inatech, a game developer best known for "Planet of Battlecraft" a massively multiplayer online role-playing game[s] (MMORPG*). On the 14th floor, four members of the "Fiends and Foes" team have just gathered for their regular mandatory meeting with the project manager to discuss the current state of affairs. They have no idea that a seemingly normal work day will soon turn into a fight to the death …

Of meetings and whiteboards

With a double espresso in her hand, Caroline, the Product Marketing Manager, comes into the meeting room. There, Project Manager Bill is once again arguing with Senior Software Engineer Pauline. Caroline sighs, sits down at her regular place at the table and gives the people already seated, Product Manager Angie and Agile Coach Marcus, a knowing look: it's going to be another one of "those" meetings.

"Bill, I'm just saying that we could be more efficient in these meetings if we worked with a digital whiteboard. We would have a lot more advantages to work with - we could collaborate better, follow up ideas better and if someone is not in the office, he or she can just join in remotely and collaborate," Pauline says, sounding frustrated. On her laptop, she has a Confluence page open showing a similar whiteboard.

Bill raises his hands: "Sorry, but I don't want to throw another new tool in the mix now. Let's just continue and use our normal one, e-Plan 2000" Pauline interjects: "But that's the genius of it! Our diagram tool already has a whiteboard editor integrated. We don't even need another tool, we already have it!" But Bill shakes his head and pushes up the glasses on his nose, "Please keep using e-Plan 2000 - Ah, I see Caroline has arrived, let's get started then, shall we?"

The three others nod resignedly, and Bill turns to his flipchart. Only now does the full extent of the misery become apparent: he has prepared almost 30 charts. Caroline looks at the cup in her hand and silently curses herself for not having poured herself a triple espresso.

Just at that moment, the light in the room begins to flicker. The team looks up uneasily. A dull rumbling can be heard, growing louder and louder. The blinds on the windows rattle, the noise increases, dust falls down from the ceiling. And now the floor itself begins to vibrate, so strongly that soon no one can stand on their feet. "Earthquake!" someone shouts. A bright flash illuminates the room - and a rainbow-colored portal materializes from the middle of the conference table! As if gripped by an invisible hand, a mysterious force pulls Caroline, Marcus, Angie and Pauline towards the portal opening. Suddenly, they find themselves no longer in the meeting room, but on a cold stone floor.

From Zero to Hero

Acrid smoke hangs in the air, someone coughs. Confused, Caroline blinks a few times to get a clear view again, and soon she is aware of a murmur of voices around her. Someone reaches out to help her to her feet. As the young woman stands up, she sees before her an elderly man in a long, luxurious robe with a golden crown on his head. Behind him stands an ornate throne, flanked by what appears to be the most dedicated Robin Hood cosplayers Caroline has ever seen. She shakes her head in confusion at this whimsical sight when she suddenly hears Marcus's familiar voice behind her say, "Uh, guys ... why am I so small?".

Caroline turns around - and if she thought it couldn't get any weirder, she is now proved wrong, as the other members of her team are clearly no longer human. After watching a "The Lord of the Rings' movie marathon, Caroline is familiar with the unknown: Something happened to Pauline's ears - they look like Arwen's and Legolas'. And Marcus was right - he appears to be a small, bearded dwarf that could easily pass for Gimli's younger brother. Angie, on the other hand, has taken the form of a humanoid cat. And only now does Caroline realize that she herself, normally of unimpressive build, is suddenly bursting with muscles.

It is all too much. The four of them look at each other in panic, and despite her new muscles, the Product Marketing Manager feels fear begin to grip her heart. What is happening here? Is it a dream - or perhaps rather a nightmare?

But before the situation escalates, the supposed king claps his hands loudly. All members of Team "Fiends and Foes" look at the tall figure (and pray that he isn't an enemy). "Please, Caroline, Pauline, Marcus and Angie, calm down." You are safe here and the confusion about your unexpected journey should soon subside. I will explain everything to you."

Those addressed take a deep breath, and Pauline whispers, barely audibly, "listening can't hurt." They each decide that this is a good suggestion. The old man looks at them all in turn and begins to tell them, "I am King Gerald the Elder, and I welcome you to my home. I apologize for your unpleasant and traumatic journey, and for being taken without permission, but circumstances are so pressing that unfortunately there was no time for the usual courtesy."

The king turns towards the four colleagues, and his eyes become sad. "I had no choice, for the lives of my people are at stake. There is a darkness looming on the horizon that I can no longer fight alone. And the only thing standing in its way - is you."

Inspiration for this week's chart

No one likes dull, drawn-out and unproductive meetings. Our tip: Use digital whiteboards, like those from, to help keep meetings on track and make your team more productive. As Pauline mentions in our story: With whiteboards, even team members who work remotely can work on a whiteboard in parallel with everyone else, in real time.

An unexpected journey - the adventure begins! (Adventures in Diagramming, Part 1) - collection of tabletop rpg memes

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