An Unexpected Journey: Taking Teamwork with Diagrams (and to a Magical Level!

An unexpected journey: taking teamwork with diagrams (and to a magical level! - banner

Once upon a time, in a land far away… that's how many famous fairy tales and stories begin. As a reader, you know that heroines and heroes, adventures, challenges, and, depending on the story, perhaps also one or two moral lessons await you.  

Before there is any confusion: No, we're not planning to launch a new novel ("The Lord of the Diagrams") or a coming-of-age story (even though our app has been around for a few years). We want to take you on a journey over the next few weeks. Our goal? To reach a new level in teamwork and collaboration (and thus productivity)!

Of course, diagrams play a key role in all of this: our journey won't consist of the normal use cases and instructions, even if there will be a few helpful tips around diagrams. Much more, we will dive into the world of magic, high fantasy, and role-playing in our new blog article series! More specifically, "Dungeons & Dragons” aka D&D. If you're not familiar with it - you'll get a tongue-in-cheek impression of it in this movie (The Gamers, 2002). And best of all, at Atlassian Team '23 (April 18-20, 2023, Las Vegas and online), you can be there for the grand finale of our adventure and help us complete the quest!

Draw and create diagrams - it's a kind of magic?

From zero to hero - what applies in role-playing games rarely applies in real life. But sometimes it does! Do you still remember your first diagram or the first visualization you had to create? If you compare it to what you can "conjure up" today - maybe even with - you might have already proven it yourself.

From today on, you'll find newly released articles about fantasy, adventure, and the magic of diagrams in the blog. Sometimes we will just spread a little "Sword & Sorcery" in the atmosphere. Other times, we will have a post that contains, for example, tips and tricks around diagrams for dungeon or role-playing game masters.

Experienced role-players can get their dice sets ready (newbies should visit a well-stocked game store - buying dice is a matter of trust! 😉). Why? We have developed our own adventure, which we will play out in a 2-week campaign. That means in each of these blog articles, we'll present another chapter of a large-scale adventure set in a kingdom far, far away. And of course, in each of them, there's inspiration for visualizations in a context other than the usual business setting.

Follow a group of unlikely heroines and heroes who must work together to solve a mysterious secret, and join us at Team '23 for the grand finale! If you are on-site in Las Vegas: pack your dice cup and your lucky dice, come to the booth for a classic game of D&D, and ensure a good ending to an exciting campaign!

Yes, we are nerds!

The team consists of very different people, but many of us are passionate - some of them for a long time - about games, fantasy, role-playing and adventure. That's what connects us, of course. We have not only played Dungeons & Dragons - we are game masters. We haven't just seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy - but the extended editions. We haven't just leveled up our World of Warcraft characters - we've read the quest texts. In short: we love this stuff, and we're really looking forward to sharing our diagramming know-how with you in a whole new context!

And we're not alone: after years of exchanging ideas with various users, we know that there's a little bit of geek in many of you, too. Even Atlassian is into nerd culture, or why else did they name their most popular product after a Japanese movie monster?

An unexpected journey: taking teamwork with diagrams (and to a magical level! - table with drawings and figurines for a tabletop rpg game

Start your quest with!

We hope you'll join us as we bring a little more fun (and adventure!) to diagramming from now on. Maybe it will inspire you to try some new techniques in your visualizations.

Are you ready to join our exclusive club of diagramming monsters? Then get your trial for Confluence and Jira now - easily on the Atlassian Marketplace.

You can get a jump start on your character with our free, no-obligation demo: here we'll show you how can make everyday work and managing quests easier and more productive - not just for you, but for your entire team.

Don't forget to join us at Team '23! If you can't make it to Las Vegas: We'll keep you updated on everything on social media.

We look forward to going on an amazing adventure with you! See you soon, brave hero and heroine, and until then: Happy diagramming!

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