Blueprint Creator: How to use blueprints for uniform blog posts in Confluence

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Templates simplify content creation for many Confluence users. You can use templates in a wide variety of ways - from taking your meeting notes and documenting your process to structural standardization, for example, with customer projects.

Blueprint Creator for Confluence gives you the perfect tools for effectively and efficiently implementing these as well as other use cases with the help of templates. It's simple: You don't need any prior knowledge of programming to create blueprints for pages and areas.

With our intuitive editor, you can set placeholders for the various types of content that you'll be working within your template. When you create new pages or areas based on the blueprint, these placeholders act as form fields in an input dialog: When users fill in fields, the following content is placed directly on the page.

Templates for blog posts in Confluence

The Blueprint Creator for Confluence not only allows you to create templates for pages and sections, but you can create blueprints for blog posts as well. You can plan out your blog post structure by filling it with placeholders, which you can then fill in when creating a new post.

If you want to use a new page blueprint as a template for a blog post, you only need to set the content type to "Use template for blog entries" in the editor settings. This makes the blueprint available as a template when creating a new blog post.

Uniform company news with templates

Many companies use Confluence to share information in the form of news. Companies who use Confluence as their intranet platform can't help but rethink old-fashioned methods such as top-down communication from management to employees.

We recommend using templates or blueprints to ensure that your intranet news posts are always consistent, even if they are created and published by different users. Blueprint Creator makes it easy for editorial teams to develop a uniform news channel based on these kinds of blog post templates.

For example, you can define placeholders for subject areas, multimedia, and visual presentations. You can identify them for the teams or departments who will receive those news items, and you can also set prefixes for recurring tiles. The Blueprint Creator also gives you the option of restricting news templates to certain user groups (for example, personnel only).

Learn more and try it out today!

Would you like to know more about Blueprint Creator for Confluence? Are you interested in trying out the app? The Blueprint Creator is available on the Atlassian Marketplace. If you have further questions, our development team is happy to talk to youGet in touch with us today!

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