Approvals and reviews in Confluence with Blueprint Creator and Comala Document Management

The new integration between the popular Confluence apps Blueprint Creator and Comala Document Management (formerly Comala Workflows) enables users to grant approvals via Blueprints. This puts teams in the comfortable position to ensure that Confluence documents are properly reviewed before publication.

Blueprints and approvals in Confluence

Many clients value the ability to integrate Confluence documents into systematic approval processes. Especially in a rather heavily regulated business environment this is a frequently requested use case.

However, a challenge in terms of developing and establishing responsibility for documentation is to ensure consistency and stringency of content. If team members are constantly creating pages without maintaining a certain structure, chaos quickly arises and copying existing page structures leads to errors. For example, if employees don't remember to enter approval officers and select the right contact persons, the entire process is at risk.

This is exactly where the Blueprint Creator can help. This Confluence extension allows you to create individual blueprints for Confluence pages and spaces and to add placeholders to them. These placeholders function as form fields that the user fills in in a simple input dialog when creating a new page or space based on a blueprint. The information entered is then placed directly on the page.

And, thanks to the Blueprint Creator, such confluence blueprints can be created in an intuitive editor - no programming required.

Templates for pages that need to be reviewed

The integration with Comala Document Management is a wonderful addition to the core functionality of the Blueprint Creator. When team members now create pages from pre-defined templates, they can now also add approvers via a document management approval workflow.

The Blueprint Creator ensures that the page is correctly structured and that all necessary information is available. Comala Document Management then checks the content of the page before publication. This creates a fully integrated process for creating valuable Confluence documentation that really contains all relevant information.

Find out more and test now

Would you like to learn more about this integration and its possibilities? Then get in touch with us: We would be happy to arrange an appointment with you for a non-binding demo introduction. Or would you like to test the solutions directly in your system? Both apps are available for Confluence Server and Confluence Data Center on the Atlassian Marketplace (Blueprint CreatorComala Document Management) You can now install the solutions directly in your test system and test them with all functions free of charge. For more details, see the Blueprint Creator documentation.

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